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  1. Hey yall. I just had my status changed to funding and in navigation menu I have a new option called "declaration of acceptance". I have not yet received any email though. What do I do now? 😃 Will anybody from Daad office contact me about the next steps? do I simply start sending applications to unis individually? p.s. My scholarship is for all disciplines and I am from Georgia.
  2. I sent them a letter on portal from "messages regarding application" on application and funding overview page. They sent me an answer back on portal in an hour. maybe because I put "URGENT" in subject 😄 Idk but it worked the best for me
  3. Hey guys. Can anyone please show me how to send a letter to DAAD from portal? I need to inform another university if I accept their offer or not and my application status on DAAD is still Selection made. Or is there a person in Bonn office who can help me in this situation?
  4. As far as I know from previous threads, the blank space always changes to funding. So that is a good sign. Where are you from ?
  5. Yeah that is a thing I can't even tell anyone yet until I have an official answer. let's hope the status will be changed today
  6. Heey. any news? no email for me or any news on the portal 😕
  7. Hey guys. some Georgian applicants had their status changed to "Application rejected' yesterday and I know that one received an email informing him that he is in the waiting list. My application status still says "Selection made" which I think is a good sign (I hoooooooope). Do we have any idea when they generally change status of the applicants whose applications were not marked as rejected? do they send emails or what? It has been 8 months for gods sake 😃
  8. Hey yall. I will be just hanging around here. I am waiting for results for all disciplines MA scholarship in Georgia. It will be soon hopefully. Fingers crossed
  9. I am finishing my BA this year and I am only 21. But I have an experience of volunteering in IDP settlements in Georgia since I was 15 and I have worked in different think-tanks and been intern at governmental institutions in security department. I was an Erasmus scholar and have an experience of studying abroad as well and other little stuff too. In general I have up to 6 years of experience working and volunteering locally. but unfortunately I do not have an professional working experience abroad for 2 years which is simply not possible at my age I think. Anyways, this is not the letter I w
  10. Hey guys. I just received a rejection letter named "Invitation to Reapply" :') . I think I received it this time because I emailed them and explained that I need to inform other universities about my status till mid March. Usually they send rejections by the end of March. I was applying for peace studies concentration. This is what my email says : "Although we are unable to guarantee admission at any point in the future, we feel that your application will strengthen once you have gained a few more years of experience. Competitive applicants to our program typically have two years or more of
  11. Good luck to you too. Waiting for this specific uni literally destroyed my nerves
  12. 600 applicants for the whole MGA program or Peace Studies concentration? Yeah, I think the answers for the selected applicant will be either today or tomorrow.
  13. Same here. Applied for peace study and no word yet.
  14. Same here. ND with its scholarships is the best for international students. + it is already three of us waiting for letters for International Peace Studies, so if anything, keep us updated. good luck
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