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  1. Another note for future applicants - I emailed the admissions coordinator to see if I could get any feedback on my rejected application. I received this reply: "Unfortunately, we are unable to provide feedback on specific applications. Every year we receive numerous qualified applications such that we are unable to offer admission to all of them. Just this year we received more than 400 applications for 35-40 seats. Due to the large number of applications received from highly qualified people, and given the limits of our financial resources and space in the program, we are forced to turn away many excellent students every year. " A fairly boilerplate response, but it shows that they do not provide feedback on specific applications as of now. Also, their acceptance rate seems to be something like 7-9% if they have approximately 425 applications for 35-40 seats. It is not clear what percentage of the accepted people get any funding, let alone full funding.
  2. Hello all - sorry this took me some time to get here to share my results. I am sad to say that I received my rejection letter for the MGA + Specialization degree on Saturday, 21st March. I was hopeful to get into this program, but I guess it was just not my year. Below are my basic stats for anyone considering applying: * Undergrad at a high ranked US liberal arts college - majors Anthropology, Theology, Philosophy, GPA 3.5 * Masters degree from US state university in Monitoring and Evaluation emphasizing international development M&E, GPA 3.5 * GRE: 168 V, 150 Q, 5 AWA * I work in M&E consulting and program management in the education sector; I have worked abut 8 years internationally * Speak three languages Generally, I think that I had good "fit" with the program, so I am a bit confused as to why I was not accepted. But here is my speculation about their decision: 1. I think my SoP was not as strong as it should have been. 2. Maybe they are not interested in accepting people who already have a master's degree? 3. Maybe my GPA and GRE Quant scores were not up to the level they wanted? 4. Maybe the specialization I was interested in was not fitting for the current course offering/faculty? 5. Maybe they had a very large applicant pool for the MGA+ concentration and I just did not make the cut? Anyway, the above are only my guesswork. I am considering applying again, and I plan to email the admissions staff today/soon to ask if they have any advice for me on how to improve my application for the next cycle. I will share any advice I get here. For future applicants - based on what I can tell from the few data points we have over the past three years, it looks like ND typically releases acceptances early March (1st to 10th or so), and then rejections after in mid-March (10th - 22nd or so). We do not have much information about waitlisting at the moment, but someone in the '19/'20 cycle said they were waitlisted on 18th March. So, congrats to all who were admitted! And to all of you, thank you all for sharing this journey - blessings and prayers for your next steps.
  3. Nothing here as well. When I emailed the Admissions Counselor on March 5th, she mentioned that we should hear something in the next "two or three weeks" - three weeks after March 5th is March 26th, so if we have heard nothing by that point I will email her again to inquire about where they are in the process. I would also guess that the coronavirus pandemic is also a, possibly major, factor for the delay. But let us see what happens in the next few days/this week.
  4. Just to let all readers of this thread know - there is a new Acceptance for the ND MGA noted in the submitted results as of March 9th/10th. The accepted candidate wrote this: "Offered the Paul D. Coverdell Fellowship, full-tuition and living stipend for two years! I was surprised that I even got into Notre Dame let alone got the scholarship so I'm probably going to end up accepting. 3.29 undergraduate GPA, okay GRE scores (152 Quant, 160 Verbal, 4.5 Writing), internship experience, 2 years of Peace Corps in the Philippines. 7a/0r/0w/0" This person did not share their concentration, but this shows that people are still be accepted as of yesterday/today. Also, this shows the basic profile of a fully funded, accepted candidate. I assume that this candidate's Peace Corps experience was a strong factor in their acceptance to the program, and likely the key factor in their funding as the Paul D. Coverdell Fellowship is noted as a fellowship for returned Peace Corp people. I am still waiting to hear anything... Continued best wishes to all of you!
  5. If peonyinluv applied to GA+Specialization and was just accepted via email last week, and we know that they generally review by specialization, then I am feeling much more nervous about my chances.... Let me hope that I get a similar email on Monday or Tuesday this week. Per the results forum, the very few entries for Notre Dame Global Affair seem to show that acceptances were early March (6th) and then rejections and waitlists were mid-March (15th and 18th). Let us see if the same pattern holds. Peonyinluv's acceptance seem to fit with this. For all of us contributing to this thread, I would request that please submit your results and/or share your stats here after final decisions are made, so that future applicants can have a better idea of what sort of applicant profiles are getting acceptances & funding and when. There is a lack of information about the MGA program here on gradcafe because it is a rather new program and seems to not be as sought after as the Ivies, Public Ivies, etc. Best wishes to all of you!
  6. I applied to the Global Affairs+ Specialization Concentration and I have yet to hear anything. Today I emailed the Admissions Coordinator and she told me this: "We are in the final states of decisions. We expect to communicate decisions in the next two or three weeks." I assume they are releasing decisions in rolling manner if people are getting accepted? Or maybe Global Affairs+Specialization concentration decisions are coming later, but Sustainable Development and Peace Studies concentration are available now? I was just rejected from Yale's MGA degree, so I am hoping that ND's MGA could work out. Hope the Keough School lets us know decisions before too long...
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