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  1. A follow-up note: I reached out to one of the MGA admissions staff regarding my relatively small financial aid package (around 30% tuition/ about $19k) to see if they have any further resources available. Basically the staff person said that the Keough school did not have any additional funds to give me, and told me to connect with the financial aid office regarding other opportunities. Additionally, the staff person also mentioned that I could reapply next year and see what happens. So, that is where it is at. I have another offer for an MGA type program that looks like it will have mo
  2. Yeah, maybe they are financially struggling.. I do not know. Yes, the Peace Studies accepted students get full tuition funding. Apparently not all Sustainable Dev and MGA+Specialization get substantial funding meaning 75%+
  3. No, I only received 30% tuition funding. No money was given to me for living stipend, housing, insurance, etc.
  4. Hello all, I got my financial details from my recent formal admissions letter, so here is a short summary of my recent application. 1. What was the specialization you applied for? MGA+Specialization 2. Were you interviewed? If so, when? I was not contacted nor interviewed between my submission of my application on December 15th 2021 and the day I received notification of my acceptance on March 5th 2021 3. Did you submit GRE scores? No, I did not submit GRE scores due to the fact that GRE scores were waived for the cycle. 4.. Are you a Peace Corps alumnus? (so many Peace C
  5. Thank you! But I think the main part of my application that helped me getting admittance was having as strong of a Statement of Purpose as possible. I worked with a consultant named the Red Head Academic/Accepted Consulting to have an experienced reader of my SOP. I can share more details about my profile once I see what happens with finances!
  6. I did! I speak one of my native languages, have basic skills in my other native language, and I have conversational proficiency in another language with about 16 million speakers on another continent than the continent where I was born. I mentioned all three in my application. I was admitted to MGA+Specialization.
  7. Could anyone else who was accepted in the past few days share what sort of financial aid package you received, if any? I might have missed something but Krea96 was the only person I remember who knew her financial aid status as of now. Is there anyone else who knows your financial aid status? Be well all!
  8. Yes, I did. I was rejected last year. But I reapplied and was accepted. I think the main change was that I spent a great deal of time improving my Statement of Purpose. A stronger statement of purpose was the main difference between my applications. However, let me see if my overall application package was strong enough to get funding! That is the real question at hand currently, for me...
  9. A request for any of you who were accepted+know your financial aid status, or rejected, or waitlisted - please submit your results on the Gradcafe Results page. The ND MGA does not have many results posted so the more information we submit the greater the amount of information that will be available to future applicants to the program. Some items to include if you submit results: 1. What was the specialization you applied for? 2. Were you interviewed? If so, when? 3. Did you submit GRE scores? 4.. Are you a Peace Corps alumnus? (so many Peace Corps people seem to be a
  10. Yeah, I received no word about if I had received a scholarships or stipend other than the message I received above. Not sure what this means - I will have find our more details in the letter. Could you share where you read that all accepted students get scholarships?
  11. Sorry for not including it: MGA + Specialization. I have edited my original message above to include this information.
  12. Thanks! I am eager to see if I receive a funding package... if I do not get a high enough level of funding, I doubt that I would be able to pursue this program. Oh, funding... sigh.
  13. I just got an email saying that I had been recommended for admission for the MGA + Specialization program; and that "In the coming days, you will receive an official letter of acceptance from the University of Notre Dame Graduate School with detailed information about the cost of tuition, the cost of living, and your financial aid package. Contingent on remaining in good standing in the program, this financial aid package will continue through your second year." I was not asked to interview or provide any further information after submitting my application. The email noted that "The com
  14. Does anyone have any further news about the University of Michigan PhD in Sociocultural? I saw in the results that they had sent out at least some interviews, and I am wondering if they have selected everyone they intend to interview at this point.
  15. Another note for future applicants - I emailed the admissions coordinator to see if I could get any feedback on my rejected application. I received this reply: "Unfortunately, we are unable to provide feedback on specific applications. Every year we receive numerous qualified applications such that we are unable to offer admission to all of them. Just this year we received more than 400 applications for 35-40 seats. Due to the large number of applications received from highly qualified people, and given the limits of our financial resources and space in the program, we are forced to turn
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