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  1. Your research sounds fascinating! If you don't mind sharing, what's your region? I study mass protest in South Asia and how it produces resistance against the state.
  2. Did anyone get an interview from UChicago (sociocultural) yet? I saw a few interviews posted. Also has anyone heard from UC-Santa Barbara?
  3. Hi everyone! I applied to 15 schools this cycle (way more than I did the first time around, pre-pandemic), and so far I've gotten one interview from Minnesota. I'm trying to keep myself distracted with school, but this weird limbo period is weighing on my mind 😅 I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy, and it's very nice to meet you all!
  4. Hello everyone, I was hoping I could get some advice on weighing the two options I got this cycle. I was admitted to the University of Minnesota's PhD program, and also accepted to the University of Chicago's Committee on International Relations masters program. My interests are in political theory, comparative politics, and international relations (particularly human rights), but my research interests often cross other fields and methodologies, including area studies (South and East Asia), philosophy, cultural and media studies, and cultural anthropology. My ultimate intent with graduate
  5. Thank you for letting me know. I'm CP as well, so I'm not holding out on much hope. But congratulations to you, and if you choose to go, I hope you make the most of the program!
  6. To those of you who got accepted to Columbia, could you share your subfield? Thank you, and congratulations!
  7. I contacted the admissions office, and it seems like it's a glitch. The email also mentioned that applications are currently still under review, and decisions will be sent out over a period of 2 to 3 weeks beginning next week, if anyone else hasn't heard from UChicago.
  8. Outside of the couple of people here who have claimed Michigan admits (congratulations by the way!) has anyone heard anything from Michigan?
  9. I'm also getting the same notification. I'm planning on calling the admissions office later today. I'll let you all know what they tell me.
  10. Honestly don't expect to hear anything today. Feeling pretty dejected about my prospects about getting into my dream programs in general. I got into one program at my alma mater, but it would be nice to have at least a couple options.
  11. It's not quite the same experience, but I wanted to give my two cents. I was an undergraduate at Minnesota in the political science department, and my experience was overall pretty positive, with professors who were highly passionate about their research and their teaching. As for affordable housing, the prices on housing around campus have increased significantly in the last few years, but there's definitely some affordable housing, especially on West Bank and, if you don't mind the distance, Como and Marcy Holmes.
  12. Hi, new poster here. I just discovered this site last week, and it's been helpful and stressful in equal measure. I was just wondering if it's normal to not hear back from the University of Michigan for this long? I noticed that in previous years decisions were out by now, and that their acceptances and rejections mostly go out on the same day.
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