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  1. Hey friend there, Its good to see a fellow Koreanist. I am applying to EALC PhD this year as well. My focus is in pre-modern Korean history, so I am applying to UCLA, Harvard, UPenn and Columbia in particular. I hope you hear good news back!
  2. Hi, I hope this helps. Below are some useful information (don't ask me how I get it 😉) Wait-lists. Your first response to a wait-list should come within 24 hours, expressing enthusiasm for the department and gratitude that your application is still in the running. Attach any funded offers you have to that email, and write a few sentences on why the wait-listing department is very much your top choice. Then, as you receive other funded offers, and allowing a gap of no more than 10 days to go by, write the wait-listing department's Director of Graduate Admissions to restate your continued i
  3. Hi Christian, I am from Hong Kong as well. Good to know that you are applying for EALC-related programs. I am applying for PhD in EALC in different schools this year. My focus is in pre-modern Korean history, which is more of a rare field I guess. Anyways, I am also nervously waiting for results back. Canadian schools are great for Asian studies. You may also want to look into UCLA? I heard they have just started a Hong Kong Studies Program (the first in American academia!). Also, I am glad to know that someone is doing Hong Kong-related matter because we have a city to save.
  4. I think the many 前輩s in this post have already raised some really good points. But I do want to add my opinion on this matter. I believe, given that you are not a native Chinese speaker, the most important task is to master the Chinese language and reach a proficiency level in Classical Chinese that allows you to read and comprehend primary documents. You are totally right that learning Manchu would enhance your application, but it seems to me that this is, at this moment, not the most pressing issue. As a basketball fan, your question is like asking, "as a shooting guard, should I l
  5. Been suspecting Harvard was seeing some other people else. Last week, I saw some posts about Harvard proposing to someone already! How dare you, Harvard! Today, I got the classic "its me, not you" letter from H, which confirmed my greatest fear. What a way to break up on Valentine's Day. Thanks, Harvard.
  6. WHY CANT THEY JUST LET US KNOW? I mean you already have a list of who's in and out at this moment.
  7. Me too. Looks like some people have already received offers. Nothing on my end tho, no acceptance or rejection. Feeling nervous, but kinda anticipating a rejection already
  8. Very nice to meet you. I wish to talk to you more, but I figure we shouldnt be spamming this post with our convo, of which others might find little interests. I will message you, if you dont mind. For others, I apologize if our previous comments take up more spaces than they should.
  9. I did. I applied to Harvard, JHS, Columbia, Princeton, UCLA and Chicago for Phd. Oxford, SOAS ans LSE for master. It is my first cycle, so I dont really expect too much. I might as well do a master first. I already got an offer from SOAS I see your whereabout is Hong Kong. Are u studying there? And if you dont mind, can you let us know which other school accepted u?
  10. Welcome back to the school! I also applied to UCLA in the Chinese history field. I knew I didnt get nominated actually 3 weeks ago. You guys beat me in the race! But I sincerely congratulate you. I 100% trust Goldman's judgement.
  11. Im currently a UCLA undergraduate. And I cant have a higher praise of Goldman.
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