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  1. @coffeelyf I heard back from them, and got waitlisted.
  2. Adding to this thread, could anyone please comment on the programs and atmospheres at Emory and UMass Amherst, specifically in the literature departments? Will be really grateful, thanks! P.S. extra gratitude for commenting on Druid Hills/Atlanta and Amherst/Northampton as places to live in! And for inputs on the cafés, bookshops, and libraries in the areas, too!
  3. Commenting here to bump up this post on the message board! Thanks for this thoughtful gesture, @Warelin! A timely and comforting reminder. Positivity to all of us braving the storm and tides together.
  4. I haven't heard a peep from UW-Madison either, but preparing myself for a rejection. The waitlisted candidates seem to have been informed already, plus the status of my application on their portal still reads 'submitted'.
  5. @SomethingWicked I haven't heard back from Wisconsin either! Will email them in a month if they don't notifiy me of their decision by then!
  6. Thanks, @arbie for being so helpful! It's really comforting to know that an implied rejection need not necessarily be an actual one, till a real rejection email has reached one's inbox! I'm thinking of emailing end-Feb-ish if I still haven't heard back from them!
  7. From last year's notifications it seems as though UW-Madison sends out a couple of acceptances late January, and then several acceptances and some rejections towards the first-second week of February? Perhaps they accept candidates in two separate batches in the same cycle (while also accepting off their waitlist much later down the line). Trying desperately to cling on to hope here!
  8. Happy birthday, @bethisbetter ! Don't worry, many of us are on the same boat.
  9. Seconding @cruel optimism on the interview tips bit -- some general tips (applicable for most unis doing a Skype interview) would be great too, please?
  10. Yes, all my application statuses show up as 'submitted', including UChicago (which was an implied rejection) and Emory (where I landed an interview). No official rejection email(s) yet either, though most of the schools I've applied to typically notify candidates between mid-Feb to early-March. I'm guessing it'll take another couple of weeks, at least, for the portals to be updated/pending emails to be sent out.
  11. Thanks, @HPurple! I can see that you and I have 5 schools in common where we've applied to for Fall 2020!
  12. I'd applied to the Luce scholarship for PhD at UDelaware! Haven't heard back from either place yet! Which program did you apply to?
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