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  1. Hey folks waiting for responses from UW-Madison! I applied last year and heard nothing until the end of March, when I finally decided to reach out to ask because it seemed all acceptances, waitlists, and rejections went out around the same time in January. Turned out I was waitlisted, but their system lost my notification. I was ultimately accepted off of the waitlist. That‘s all to say that once everything seems to be in, and if you still haven’t heard anything, it’s okay to ask! I wish I would have asked sooner since I ended up having so little time to make a decision that I did i
  2. I personally really love this question because I think it matters, and it was something I asked around about and did factor in a bit when I made a decision. Now that I am attending, I think it still matters. Where I attend, we have what we call study cubes--imagine a typical office cubicle that is slightly bigger but is a room with a locking door. The cube has a desk, chair, and built-in, small book shelf. We share it with one other person. I personally use mine consistently, but it's not the only place I work. I am grateful to have a designated area to put my things that has a lock.
  3. Hey 2020 Cafe-ers and Lurkers, I was a 2019 applicant and am currently attending UT Austin. I haven’t been super active since my season, so I apologize for not being up to date on the conversations/threads so far. That said, I wanted to make a plug for people interested in studying Af-Am/African diaspora lit. In my experience, I feel like UT isn’t a place people immediately think of as having strengths in those areas, but I am really happy with the resources I’ve found here and wanted to share that! So if anyone has questions or is slightly interested, feel free to DM me—I’m hap
  4. Hillary Schute is at Northeastern in Boston! I know she has several students who work on comics and graphic novels, though it is through the English graduate program.
  5. Can we get a roll call of who accepted for the fall?!
  6. Just sent off decisions from the Madison airport as my plane is boarding. Literally. Turns out my user icon was prophetic—burnt orange all the way. Headed to UT Austin in the fall!
  7. Preordered. Congrats!!! I really think you’re gonna love it! Money ain’t nothing but a thang
  8. Yes! I really think money isn’t everything if you can’t bear to live or work in a place for 5+ years.
  9. Who are you emailing? I’ve found the grad coordinator to always get back within 24 hours or so, but I have been ghosted by some other people outside of the English department
  10. Removing myself from the waitlists at Pitt and U of Delaware.
  11. This is not related to anything but just thought, the color behind my user name icon letter is burnt orange. Is it a sign or the decision I should make? What if our randomly assigned colors are subconsciously a sorting hat of sorts?
  12. Thank you so much! That’s so kind of you to say! I can visit, though I am not sure if I can make it work with my job. I have given myself until Friday to make a final decision, so will definitely say more definitively what I’m doing then!
  13. Just sent off emails to decline UNC Greensboro and U of Alabama offers and additional fellowships. Best of luck to those interested in these programs!
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