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    Contemporary Multi-ethnic American Literature | Women Authors | Critical Race Theory | Multi-ethnic feminisms | Theories of Space and Place
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  1. I just had a zoom meeting with folks at Boston College today, and the Director of Grad Studies personally told us on the call that it's fine if the decision to enroll comes after April 15 at this point. They stressed only letting the department know in advance so that they can in turn notify the graduate school. If BC is being lenient like this, I'm sure other schools might be as well!
  2. For those of you who attended a different institution for your MA, did you actually tour the campus, and did that factor into your decision to enroll? With this coronavirus chaos, all my prospective campus visits have been cancelled--though I've been offered the chance to do a "virtualized" session to chat with current students and faculty. I'm just struggling to wrap my head around if forgoing actual campus visits and just enrolling by the 15th without seeing the place I'll be living in these next 2 years is the smartest move I can make. I mean, campus environments can definitely be cond
  3. Howdy y'all. Long time listener, and now a first time poster. I just sent in my final app to Columbia for their English MA and can finally bask in the bliss that is of having completed ten applications! I'm wondering when NYU usually sends out their notices...
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