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  1. I find the intersection of early modern drama and race and/or colonialism so captivating! I've mostly read re-imaginations of The Tempest from a colonial perspective, but do you have any suggestions/favorite pieces that really delve into Shakespeare and race theory? I'd love to add it to my reading.
  2. Will you be a teaching assistant or have your own courses that first year? If you haven't been an adjunct or had teaching experience yet (usually you may have some experience while doing an MA), it can be intimidating. I'm guessing there should be some sort of training somewhere. If you are expected to have your own ENGL 1 and ENGL 2 courses from the first semester, that seems a bit crazy to me. I think a big factor is how you foresee yourself adjusting to grad school. Learning to write 15-25 page papers for each class and read a book per class per week can be a huge jump from undergrad experience. To add teaching service on top of that when students are just transitioning is a lot. A fellowship for the first year seems like the better deal to me and perhaps you can eventually seek opportunities at that school to at least TA for literature-heavy courses. But ultimately, if the teaching experience is what you value more, and you think you are willing to push through the transition phase, then it's your decision.
  3. Ran out of reactions for today but I cosign this 100%. I enjoy having you here @meghan_sparkle and I don't think it's fair for anyone to tell anyone how they should feel about this process whether they have acceptances or not. It's a really hard time and everyone's allowed to feel stress even if their situation is different. Also I will say intentions and tone are easily misconstrued in writing, especially without knowing the strangers on the other end. But so many of us support everyone here and are happy for each other, even if we wish for more for ourselves. (Not my place to speak about the mental health discussion so I won't)
  4. OK! Great. Now I have a date I can expect to be heartbroken.
  5. I don't usually condone any form of cyber bullying buuuuut..... Are we also expecting Columbia this week?
  6. Please and thank you to any kind and brave stranger who volunteers as tribute.
  7. Definitely not silly! Congrats and I hope it comes through!
  8. @Narrative Nancy and @CanadianEnglish congratulations to you both!!! Such awesome and exciting news!!
  9. I thought I read somewhere that they like to do the February 14th thing, but at this point, who knows? Lol
  10. Might be tomorrow if they hold fast to their tradition from previous years. In other news, Cornell and Rice rejections for me this week.
  11. Everyone ready for hell week? Get your wines, ice-creams and tissues ready.
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