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  1. These are great ideas, thank you. A workshop sounds like a wonderful option! I definitely agree. You're right that it's been a very difficult time for students this semester and I've given many extensions and offered resources such as the writing center all while trying to keep the integrity of the goals and requirements. This may be proving too much for some people under a lot of stress. And yes, always have the corporate response ready! Thank you
  2. I have a student who has been consistently rude and confrontational since the beginning of the course. They claim to have read the syllabus but consistently ignore the rules and guidelines within the syllabus. (not citing correctly, using casual or inappropriate language in their assignments, not following the schedule.) I've given helpful feed back as to why their assignments are not receiving better grades and have told them three times at this point to cite in the correct format (on top of simple things such as indent your paragraphs, etc.). Their emails are overtly rude and aggressive, rif
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