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  1. Looks like they're mid February according to the last few years of Results data
  2. I would second this. If you look at historical application cycles for OSU they notify on their website and then send emails 2-5 days later. It's also unclear if they are doing it in waves or if they have notified all their acceptances (could be a smaller cohort, could be people aren't on GradCafe, hard to say). Especially since emails haven't gone out, resist the urge to call and pester them. Not only are they working on admissions, they are teaching, doing research, and trying to navigate covid all at the same time. Give them some time. If you're still sitting at pending and no email in
  3. Traditionally it seems like they post on the website and emails go out a few days later. But rejections/waitlists come later. Not sure if it's all rolled out at once or if it goes with subject area, etc.
  4. I just saw that - I'm also still sitting at "pending" - fingers crossed!
  5. I didn't apply to Notre Dame, but I'm thinking it's possible everyone's timelines will be different this year. OSU has normally either had results on their website or even sent acceptances via email by now and as far as I can tell there hasn't been a peep (and it's not stressing me out *at all* or anything). I'm trying really hard not to think about this, because I can also see a good argument for it being less competitive potentially. I personally know 5-6 people who chose not to apply this year because so many schools shut down admissions or reduced them too much. I also know many pe
  6. I definitely don't think it's nefarious, even if we might lean that way. I think a lot of the undergrads have probably already heard back (or at least the early applicants have) so it's not as stressful for them and they want to make sure we have information which is good. But I did tell them not to send it to grad students because 1) the application being easy/hard isn't going to deter someone from applying to a PhD program and we have to use separate apps for everything anyways 2) It's not funny to send me an email while I'm anxiously waiting to hear back *shrug*
  7. UT Austin did something similar! I thought I was going to have heart palpitations when I saw the email... turns out it was just a survey about how they could improve their application mostly directed at undergrads and their parents 😒
  8. Same here too - I just don't enjoy my job, despite the friendly team and excellent benefits. I get anxiety related chest pain from it that I didn't get pulling all nighters during my MA. It helped me realize that I need to find something I'm passionate about and enjoy. That's teaching and research and this will help me get there and be more enjoyable despite the fact that the job market is rough and my schedule will be wild. But this did lead my partner and I to a longer conversation about how neither of us really like the city we're in so that if I don't get in we'll probably still be l
  9. I'm expected Ohio State any day now if they follow their dates from prior years. And I'm probably going to hear from one of the Communication departments in the next week or two. I thought I'd be cool about it, but I'm not at all. I've been checking OSU's website constantly since they update that before they send emails. I'm a rhetoric person, specifically rhetoric of science and medicine. I normally pick topics where the public interacts with science/medicine: experts/expertise, conspiracy theories and pseudoscience, and science in pop culture. So LOTS of topics floating around in my he
  10. I had something similar! I got in, but then the visit day was like a relay competition and they were going from 24 acceptances to 12 students. It was so stressful. I've had a couple "good" dreams of getting in, so I assume this is karma's way of balancing it out.
  11. Not sure I would really consider it a "hobby" but have you tried barre workouts? If you like yoga but also working out in general it's amazing. I use barre3 and they have a ton of good online classes (and I think there's a 15 day trial?). We've also gotten in to cooperative board games if you have someone to play with. There's a Harry Potter one that's great, but we've also gone headfirst into Gloomhaven.
  12. I think it's definitely worth asking! Especially if the cancellation of admissions was last minute or with no warning. I know one of the schools I applied to kept saying "don't submit or send anything until closer to the deadline/we make a decision" so in that case, if they had cancelled there wouldn't be much of an argument. But I think it's at the bare minimum worth asking.
  13. Mostly distracting myself with work and reading if possible. If schools follow the same timeline that they normally do, I think I'll know about all but one of my schools by the beginning/middle of February which is a little daunting. Also thinking about alternate plans with my partner if I don't get accepted anywhere. But I did have my first weird application dream - not a nightmare luckily, I got into the school in question in the dream - but still frustrating when I woke up. Good luck to everyone else waiting - I hope you don't have weird dreams (or if you do I hope they're not bad one
  14. I'm going to guess that I'm the only one here who cares about this... but just in case I'm not.... They are taking applications and pushed their deadline back from Jan 5th to Jan 26th.
  15. Anyone have any insider knowledge for University of Minnesota's Writing Studies program? Their updates keep pushing closer to the deadline and want to hedge my bets on how hard I should be working on a second writing sample.
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