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  1. Were they on Spring Break last week? It was the week before Easter and that's sometimes a popular week for it. I'd say wait until the end of today and then email them again. Or try calling.
  2. I'm taking myself off the Ohio State waitlist. I know it's not a ranked and ordered list, but hopefully less people will get someone else an opportunity faster!
  3. Sorry to hear it! Just so you know this is a English specific forum, but there might be something specific to your area too in the Life Sciences forum: https://forum.thegradcafe.com/forum/29-biology/
  4. If you were accepted to both your probably a good fit for both, so I wouldn't worry about that, and it's ultimately your decision. But I think it's super important to include current students' thoughts in your decision making! I've basically decided on a program at this point, but am waiting until I get to talk to current students at a virtual visit this week to ensure there aren't any major red flags. Personally, even if the scholars and program itself are amazing, if students are less than enthusiastic or friendly, I don't think it's worth it. You'll be doing this for anywhere between 4-6 ye
  5. I'm sending everyone good vibes - I just had an amazing phone call with the DGS at the Minnesota Writing Studies program who offered me admission! I was staring down a shut out, pending waitlist movement, but now I got into my top program. It's possible, y'all! Every single person here is a great academic and can make it happen!
  6. This is what I did, and from the feedback I got from my letter writers, it made sense the way I had it written. In theory, if you've framed your research and questions well, the committee should have an excellent idea of how good of a fit you are before you get to your paragraph telling them that. And with the limited space, I prioritized telling them about myself/framing my research over telling them about their department. I also made sure to include my teaching experiences and why I wanted to do the PhD, Explaining why I want to be a professor. I have moved back and forth from academ
  7. I'm on the waitlist at Ohio State, and although not my top choice (who I'm still waiting on), it's an extremely close second! And I agree with @Rehana202, my waitlist email essentially said under normal circumstances I would have gotten an offer. The thing that stresses me out is it's not ordered, it's dependent on who turns them down, so I'm desperately crossing my fingers that a Rhet/Comp PhD acceptance gets a better offer somewhere else.
  8. I checked my status with them online when someone mentioned a change recently and I saw mine says "incomplete" 🤐 So I've decided to no longer check their portal (mostly because I know it's completed, everything on the checklist is done)... hopefully the change means news for everyone soon though!
  9. If there hadn't just been huge ice storms and power outages last week, I'd say no. But I think they'll probably get to it sometime this week (since it sounded like they were anticipating sending decisions last week, pre-storm). Their campus was closed last week and it's possible a lot of them couldn't actually get to campus or didn't have the power to trigger admissions decisions. I'd say if we get into March with no answer, then it wouldn't be bad to reach out.
  10. I'm in the same boat!! They pushed their initial deadline back and waiting to hear from them is killing me.
  11. I don't think it's a requirement either, they assume you're still interested since you applied and are on the waitlist. I just replied saying "thanks" and that I'd contact them with any questions. I'd re-read the email you got and then decide.
  12. I'm not saying you would know, I'm just simply pointing out that not everyone uses this website and it would be unfair to jump to the conclusion that if no acceptances have been posted that a program didn't accept anyone. The only way to know is talking to DGS or waiting to see if they announce a class for the Fall. And as we've seen, things have rolled out very slowly compared to past years, and it's still kinda early. And yes, the majority of people don't care but there was quite the uproar about UChicago English, especially once it was announced they were taking just Black Studies. It'
  13. I think it's fair to say that programs make money of applications every year, since most fees are $70+ and I think it's also fair to say that not all people know about or use GradCafe. Most programs who took applications should have at least a few acceptances. Because those who don't accept anyone, after taking applications without any indication that they wouldn't accept anyone, would/can/should be in at least a little legal hot water as it's extremely exploitive and also fraudulent. I'm sure they could make a case for "there weren't any qualified candidates" but I don't think that would hold
  14. CONGRATS!! I loved my stand alone MA experience and a teaching assistanceship is huge
  15. Definitely think people took less people across the board (not just Lit; other humanities, social sciences, STEM, everything) but there are some schools with bigger numbers too. Ohio State is planning on taking 18 (9 MA/PhD and 9 PhD) so even though it's hard, I'm trying to keep my hopes up that some schools will fund as many people as they are able without a detriment to their current students. Which is hopefully more than a handful. I'm also worried and making contingency plans (which sucks) but it's only early February, a lot of school's timelines are behind, and there's a lot of seaso
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