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  1. As a former Davis-ite I definitely suggest looking at jobs in Sacramento, Vacaville, Roseville, and possibly Napa. The commutes to those cities (the exception of Napa sometimes) are a lot more manageable than San Francisco. I'd also say I'd definitely have your spouse include something in their application saying that you're starting a program. I know multiple people who have experienced success with this strategy.
  2. I cannot echo this enough. Don't be afraid of making choices about how you feel right now. Trying to plan crazy far in the future is hard because you don't have all of the data that you will have as you will later on. It doesn't make you any less smart, or any less qualified for academia. Also -- as much as everyone can give you advice anonymously in a forum, you ultimately are the only person who can make this choice.
  3. Nope. I never heard from Nebraska. I finally emailed them and just said, I haven't heard anything from you, but I already accepted another program.
  4. Late to the party, but I officially accepted a spot at Wake Forest, which means I declined offers elsewhere, so hopefully it opens something up for someone else!
  5. Hello! Anyone else headed to Wake Forest this Fall? I'll be in the Communications MA program. Looking to meet some more folks who will be in W-S this Fall
  6. Just received acceptance to South Carolina's MA in Rhet/Comp (hooray not every English department hated me!). My notice didn't say anything about funding, or another notification about funding to follow. Anyone who's already gotten admitted -- did your offer letter include funding information? Should I just assume I wasn't offered any money?
  7. I've gotten to that point too! The 3 schools I'm still waiting on, maybe with the exception of one, I don't really care about. Even if they were to give me a large stipend, I'd probably still choose one of the ones I've already been accepted to. Which I feel like is crazy, but realistic. It would have to be a VERY large stipend.
  8. @DBear no! I'm going to be gone that week, I would have gotten coffee with you or something.
  9. Accepted to James Madison WRTC MA program with funding offer 2/21.
  10. I was waitlisted for the English MA at Miami of OH. I have funded offers elsewhere, so it is unlikely that I'll stay on this waitlist very long. They mentioned in the email that they often admit deep off the waitlist, so hopefully that is helpful for someone
  11. This is so real. Imposter syndrome is real, but so unfortunate. I'm glad that everyone can talk on the forum as well so that we're not all freaking out the entire time. My partner keeps reminding me "They've accepted you, now they're trying to convince you to attend. They wouldn't have accepted you if you weren't qualified. They wouldn't have accepted you if they didn't want you to attend." That last part has been my mantra lately.
  12. CONGRATS CONGRATS CONGRATS! You're killing it!
  13. @shoestofollow and @RydraWong I don't want to crash the party...but I'm a Badger alum from the English department and have been in Madison for almost 7 years so feel free to PM me if you've got questions about the town or department!
  14. I can second this. I was invited to an official weekend but couldn't attend due to something at work. I contacted them and told them I couldn't come to that because of my work schedule, and asked about other dates. They were very flexible and willing to work with me. They've accepted you and want to meet with you to convince you to attend. But I will say I'm not going to get all the same perks as the official visit day.
  15. I did end up talking to the DGS because we were already talking about visiting, and he told me they send funding emails/letters individually so *hopefully* it's within a few days but sometimes it can be longer. So we'll see when I actually hear back.
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