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  1. This is a crowdsourced list of funded MA programmes, I think it’s pretty up to date: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1XZ7ejtJETaRH7ufh2O1S21HOeTTy9EYgi7Z5vUHCRLI/edit#gid=0 I think an MA (PROVIDED ITS FULLY-FUNDED!!) could benefit you in your particular situation, so if you’re applying to PhDs in the next cycle (although I thought you were putting it on the back burner?) maybe consider putting in some applications to funded MAs too. However, I think in a previous post someone mentioned other options (something like a free program for teachers to take classes in lit?). Spending time
  2. yuppp I’m going to have to say, point blank, that if your goal is to get into a top-tier phd program you would more than likely have a better chance taking a gap year to work on your application. These partially-funded-but-still-expensive-af MAs are really not worth it, and 1 year isn’t really enough time to build a proper relationship with your professors/gain anything for the next cycle, so you’ll more than likely need to take a gap year anyways. Reputation-wise, the MAPH programme is well known in academic circles to be a cash cow (literally had multiple profs warn me against the MAPH witho
  3. Although I don’t have anything valuable to add, I just want to send a whole lotta hugs your way— I couldn’t imagine having to make this decision and I hope you can take time to care for yourself with everything going on.
  4. There are quite a few threads discussing this— the overall consensus is pretty negative/it’s very much notorious for being a cash cow. However, some people on this thread seem to have had really great experiences on the MAPH programme, especially now that there’s *some* financial aid... I can tell you that UCL, despite having a great reputation as an institution in the UK, is also kind of notorious for preying on international students for $$, and your experience might be pretty impersonal (I know a few people, both international and UK, who’ve attended the programme and they were all pre
  5. University of Kentucky, which as a fellow Brit, is very confusing
  6. Thank you so much!!! congratulations on your amazing acceptances :') and thank you and everyone else for being rly supportive and lovely through this crazy cycle
  7. So after being pretty sure of a shutout, I've just been accepted into a fully-funded MA programme!!!!! Beyond shook If anyone has attended UK, please do drop me a message!
  8. Officially out at Michigan. Was expecting it to hurt, but I think the weight of all these rejections, and the time and effort I spent putting my life aside for the sakes of a grand total of absolutely nothing, has suddenly hit me with a ton of bricks.
  9. hard agree with everything @onerepublic96 said. If you think you’re well prepared for a PhD and really want it, I would keep trying for fully-funded, stipend-included programmes. Maybe apply to funded MA programmes too- there are some great ones around. you’ve got this !!!✨
  10. Michigan, I know you’ve already made your decision, please just rip the band-aid off already 😬
  11. that bit HURT!!... I’m sending it to my former prof😂
  12. This is literally my entire inner anxious ass monologue throughout the application process in the most hysterical, brilliantly written piece. Woke my cat up with my laughing, and now he’s giving me a death glare. Pretty sure he’s on #TeamBEN now.
  13. The worry I have is you'd be pretty dependent on your job to fund this, which you might be very happy with at the moment, but a lot can happen in the years it takes to fulfil a PhD programme. Whether you would want to do a UK PhD is another consideration-- as @harlethhas pointed out it's a very, very different process. According to my friends completing UK PhDs, you're essentially left alone to work on your dissertation with the occasional meeting. The UK system in general is pretty isolating and highly independent/unguided, especially so with distance learning. If you're not 100% okay with th
  14. WOOOp!!! the second hand excitement I'm feeling for you is acc easing my last-few-rejections-left anxiety sm
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