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  1. I also interviewed at UCI but have heard nothing since. May I ask what your specialization is? Happy to see another Irvine hopeful here
  2. <3 <3 <3 and congrats to you for the Yale interview! I'm interested in intersections and tensions bw Black studies, value-critical Marxism (neue-Marx lekture), and critical legal studies... hoping that this kind of thing is at all legible in a literature dept haha. What are you focusing on?
  3. Hey team, solidarity to you all in this most agonizing part of the season — and good luck!! Kind of strange keeping up with the results page in Comp Lit considering how few applicants there seem to be (who use this site at least). I was lucky enough to have an interview with UC Irvine but don't really feel like I was at my sharpest. Sort of wish I could have that one back, but oh well. A professsor there recommended that I also apply to both CL and Culture and Theory (which was my top choice if pressed to choose). Anyone else here looking at interdisciplinary programs in addition to
  4. sounds like this could only mean good things for you! exciting!
  5. hey! I know the process of waiting is really tough (as we're almost all in this at the moment)—and that this is a forum as much for celebrating success as commiserating about disappointment—but as someone whose struggles with mental health do not afford me the luxury of enjoying a comedic distance to prospect of being killed or injured in some way or another by this process, these kind of comments are pretty tough to read... you've had an incredible season, and your success seems wholly deserved! in fact i'm very jealous of you! some of us haven't been admitted anywhere, however, so pleas
  6. I haven’t heard anything yet. Hopefully just the first round of interview requests or something...
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