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  1. I might be speaking from a place of survivor's bias, but this didn't seem to work against me this cycle. (For what it's worth, I'm pursuing a doctorate in Romance Languages and Literatures -- not English, Rhetoric or Comp Lit.) I had two letters from accomplished poets whose creative work engaged critically with the broad research topics I want to pursue. I was fortunate to have developed a close relationship with a well-known professor in my field during undergrad who was more than able to credibly fill in anything the other letters possibly could have lacked. I do think if you go this r
  2. 18 months would mean telelearning throughout the first year
  3. can you elaborate on h's being "culturalist" — curious to know more.
  4. And for peninsularists?
  5. Terrified! Especially since my one acceptance is in an incredibly expensive city.
  6. just checking in to confirm that no one has heard anything from Harvard RLL as of now. If grad café results are anything to go off, in the past, the department has seemed to stagger acceptance and rejection notifications. I was unclear if all decisions would be released in early March, or all remaining decisions (i.e., rejections/waitlist). Does anyone have a sense of how many students the program takes each year?
  7. @hanxiaobojing still no word from Columbia ILAC on your end?
  8. Not a student of French, but applying for another language pair in Harvard's joint track RLL. I doubt that all decisions for French, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese would all be released at the same time, but I thought I'd try asking here anyway: Has anyone applying to Harvard French heard back since their interview? Radio silence over here. The Harvard RLL site states that decisions are typically released during the third week of February.
  9. Same! Did you have one or two interviews? (In years past, it seems applicants went through two rounds of interviewing.)
  10. Also, would anyone like to claim the Columbia offer?
  11. anyone waiting on Harvard?
  12. No email, but updates posted to Yale account. Good luck!
  13. Does anyone have a sense of which programs are the strongest for students with a dual interest in Spanish and Portuguese?
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