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  1. @presidentialpudding thanks for your post! I couldn’t agree more - teaching is crucial, and something that is often overlooked in the dissertation-writing phase. At my current university, we grad students were lucky enough to be a part of a recent job search for a candidate that they hired, and they were specifically looking for someone who was a seasoned veteran in teaching. The candidates who didn’t have enough of it on their CVs, or showed that they didn’t have enough through the talks that they gave were rejected. A year fellowship in my opinion is generous enough during the dissertation p
  2. @rueillydiderot Thank you! Your research sounds super interesting as well! It’s always super nice to meet another Early Modernist!! I would indeed love to work with Prof Krause and I can’t wait to meet her in person. I understand the stuff about the work as well - since I teach almost every day at my current university, it’s a huge inconvenience to take off and find a substitute instructor. I had to be very judicious about where I wanted to visit for this reason. Based on the conferences I’ve been to, I can definitely confirm the fact that everyone knows everyone in our small community -
  3. @rueillydiderot Did you get accepted at Brown too?? Perhaps we’ll meet in March! I’m an Early Modernist as well and I study the history of science and scientific representation in French lyric poetry. I love teaching, so Brown’s package is really appealing to me.
  4. Hey hey! @Coleslaw Thanks for posting this to our previous forum! Im not making any decisions until after my visits either, although I’m pretty certain as to where I want to go
  5. @xinyu_uynix Im all for this idea and would love to join, but if you could put either the title or a link in this thread for people to filter to the other, it would be greatly appreciated!
  6. @Robert_Kerans Congrats!! The interview went really well yesterday, but I’m assuming they already sent their acceptance emails out and I’ve been waitlisted. Really happy to have gotten in where I did though!
  7. Anyone hear anything from NYU yet?? Counting down the seconds when I should be studying lol
  8. @xinyu_uynix Cool! I’d personally love to work with Dr. Usher. I’m fascinated by his research, and really enjoyed speaking with him today. My interview ended up being a slightly rushed due to technical difficulties, but all ended up well. They didn’t say anything about the friday thing, but I’m assuming that they just forgot.
  9. @xinyu_uynix Do you mean they confirmed news for tomorrow ? Will all of the interviewees hear something?
  10. @Robert_Kerans Thanks for the info! I'm really hoping that we hear back tomorrow - such a positive experience!
  11. @Marcin Congrats on the acceptance to Boston!! Cornell has had an excellent placement record in the last several years, encourages its students to approach literary questions in novel ways (particularly through combining scientific subjects with the humanities), has an outstanding faculty with an exceptional school of criticism, offers the opportunity to serve on the editorial board of a journal that very famous theorists, including Judith Butler, have published in, and is very generous financially to its students. If you have a problem with it, or don’t like their program, t
  12. @Akela So nice to talk to you! I really don’t know why I’m hesitating to be honest. There’s a lot of nostalgia involved I think with Brown (I went to a really small liberal arts college for undergrad) and I really enjoyed my interview experience with the professors there and it reminded me of that. I also really enjoyed my informal conversation with the professor at Cornell, and I agree with you - their offerings are wonderful and VERY suited to my interests - both are great schools. I love nature as well - miss it in fact - and I think that honestly Cornell would be refreshing for that r
  13. @Robert_Kerans I just got my interview email from NYU now, so it looks like they aren’t finished sending notifications today
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