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  1. @meghan_sparkle same boat here! I was really looking forward to the Berkeley visit for Comp Lit. But got the email this afternoon that it was cancelled. Two visits in, leaving for a third tomorrow that is still on, and Berkeley was to be the fourth. I was hoping to get more info about the program's affordability of living in the area on the budget...
  2. I was about to post asking the same thing! No news on my end either. I have several strong offers to Comp Lit and French programs, and I'm even going to be seeing an NYU faculty speak at a conference for another school's visit weekend, but have no news. lol No one has posted for NYU Comp Lit on the results forum.
  3. @mllesaid Thinking about where in the country I want to be is a big part of things. I'm also just trying to figure out the right balance around stipend and quality of life as opposed to other factors like program fit, prestige, etc. I know living on a grad stipend after working a salaried career for a few years will be an adjustment, but I also want to feel like I'll get good support for research travel and conference travel, affording my living situation w/o loans or help from family, etc. That's one of my big concerns about UC Berkeley, though their CL program is incredible. Berkeley is quit
  4. I'm primarily interested in narratives of sexual and bodily violence and strategies of testimony in sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America, primarily Rwanda and Guatemala. I am also interested in feminist and postcolonial theory, affect theory and shame, and, recently, animal studies. Thus, why I tended top apply to relatively "open" French departments or Comp Lit spaces.
  5. Hey y'all -- I followed @xinyu_uynix's idea and made a "Decisions" thread, here:
  6. Hi Everyone! This was actually @xinyu_uynix's idea, but I agreed and wanted to hear folks' plans or opinions during the decision making process. I'm probably not the best one to start the conversation because I applied to a mixture of French, Comparative Literature, and Romance (French/Spanish) PhD programs. But I think this is true for a couple of others as well. So far I've been accepted and offered funding at Penn State Comparative Literature and U of Michigan French. I've been accepted with funding but no official funding package yet at Comp. Lit. UC Berkeley. I'm interviewing / doing a vi
  7. @MonsieurHonoré I received an email today from the graduate coordinator at Yale French about interviews occurring next week. They didn't use any language like "short-listed" or anything, so I don't have a great idea of how many folks they might be interviewing. I'm super nervous though!
  8. Hey everyone, sorry I'm late to the posts. Reading your posts has been helpful to know there are other folks going through the same! So far I've received acceptances with UMich French, UC Berkeley Comp Lit and Penn State Comp Lit. I'm pretty sure based on posts that I didn't get into Harvard (joint track RLL), Duke (joint track RLL), or Emory Comp Lit. Holding out a little hope for Yale French. Applied CL at USC (cali) and NYU but they seem to send results later based on other years. Also very happy to see folks getting so many great options. Congrats to all!
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