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  1. Here are some of the things I learned after going through 2 application cycles: -Get application fee waivers (should you be eligible) asap. Some programs only give out a set amount, and they could be gone by Sept/Oct. I did this in my second app cycle and saved a lot of money. -Not to sweat GRE’s/Subject scores. My GRE scores weren’t great (V 154, Q 137, A 4.5) and my Subject was abysmal (400). I have terrible test anxiety. The two schools I was accepted to this round required both, so obviously it wasn’t weighed heavily. Many programs are ditching this requirement anyway. -I did not do
  2. I've officially accepted my offer to Tufts! What a wild ride. I was quite petrified when I decided to decline the deferral Oregon offered me for 2020, but deep down I knew I wouldn't attempt that move for a second time after the first was such a nightmare. I think Tufts is a better fit, and I'm looking forward to having a more personal experience with my POI's and the department in general. The substantially higher stipend and lighter teaching load don't hurt either! Thank you to everyone who has endured my complaining, poor attempts at humor, and obsession with my cats over the last few
  3. BU decided to grace my inbox with a rejection today! I never thought the day would come when I would shout-out with excitement for a rejection. What a bizarre cycle it has been.
  4. So, I think I'm going to officially accept my PhD offer soon. At this point, best case scenario with BU is that I get accepted to their MA program, but if I'm not willing to go into further debt for BC, I'm sure as hell not going to for BU - especially after this aggressive silence. I'm officially over waiting for them. While I'd like to have the option of my WL accepting me, I'm not really sure I'd take them over this offer, even though it would mean I wouldn't have to move. The prospect of finally committing has me anxious af. Last year was such a disaster that I'm afraid something is going
  5. Am I really going into April still not having heard from BU? What is with the 2-3 rejections a day malarkey? I imagine some person sitting in a dimly lit room with my app pulled up onscreen and the person giving it the bird. Just flipping it off 24/7 in complete silence.
  6. I got some good vibes for you too! I'm sorry it wasn't better news, but hope you feel some relief from finally hearing from them. Good things are coming (she said looking around at the state of the world laugh-crying)!
  7. My heart. I'm sending you all the good vibes I possibly can that it borders on being creepy. Take time to heal. I will say this from my own experience: At 22 I had to drop out of undergrad. Cut to me at 29, sitting on my living room floor sobbing, holding a rejection letter from a local state school I tried to get into to restart my education. In that moment I thought I was completely f'ed and would never achieve my dream. After my sob-fest, I reevaluated and called the school asking how to improve my application - started cc 3 months later - graduated at a better state school 3 years after th
  8. BU rejection on the board! Is today the day we are finally set free!?
  9. Nope! I was so angry about it yesterday, like "scorched earth mf'' mad. I'm really glad they gave you a good impression though!! All irrational rage aside, I'll definitely take a course there through the consortium. Then I can take down the establishment brick by brick from the inside.....mwhahaha!
  10. Wow. Just wow. Two weeks out and still nothing. C'mon BU, please please please just send rejections already (if they do waitlisting, I'll literally throw up). I already have my bitter, hilariously juvenile comment ready to put on the main page.
  11. I would make a guess that any waitlist etiquette has been cannon-balled out the window at this point, so take your time because it's a big decision.
  12. Do you have any gut feelings toward one or the other? Sometimes what's "best" on paper isn't necessarily the right choice. I think you'd be successful at either with the resources they offer!
  13. Posting about BU now almost has a sense of nostalgia attached to it. Oh BU, do you remember when we were both young? Full of hopes and dreams and laughter. How naive we both were that summer. To be that young again...
  14. Just had a virtual meeting with the dean of the grad school of arts and sciences. They are going to accept decisions after April 15th, as long as they're made aware more time is needed. Hopefully this is happening with other schools.
  15. WHAT THE F*CK!? How?! That is a level of heartbreak I literally cannot fathom. My god, haven't applicants been through enough with applying, waiting, and the virus-related setbacks? That poor person.
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