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  1. Oh my gosh I forgot about the crossword!!! This opens up a whole new level of puzzlemania
  2. I can't tell y'all how many puzzles I've been doing lately... It really has that amazing power to make hours go by without having to think about anything except putting pieces together and matching color schemes. But then once I finish the puzzle my brain goes, "well I guess we might as well go refresh the *english results page on Grad Cafe for literally no reason!" As a survivor of last year's application season, I am sending all of you my sincere best wishes. Stay strong and support local bookstores with your puzzle obsession!
  3. So I heard back from Syracuse and they are tentatively planning to accept applications. The lady I spoke to said that's subject to change though and she will know more in September. Tufts and Rochester will accept applications for Fall 2021!
  4. Hi! Thank you for sharing this! Just to add, a bunch of schools are not requiring the GREs this year because of the virus, so it might be worth it to check in with program coordinators. I know that's the case for Boston College and Northeastern University. To add a couple of other schools not on the spreadsheet, UC Santa Barbara and Tufts University don't require GRE scores. I hope this was helpful!
  5. Hello! I figured it can't hurt to skip a step or two, so I emailed a bunch of schools this morning asking about 2021 admission! So far Penn State, Northeastern and UC Santa Barbara are accepting applications for a F2021 cohort. I also spoke with someone at Boston College and she said that, as of now, they will also accept applications, but she seemed a bit less certain if that is going to change. Still waiting to hear back from Rochester, Tufts and Syracuse. Stay tuned!
  6. Thank you so much for this. I really am wishing you all the best ❤️
  7. Well team, just got that sweet sweet rejection email from BU. If this rejection had come a couple of weeks ago, I would have been sad, but determined to reapply to programs next year... but now, with all of the uncertainty and confusion surrounding the virus, I'm not sure if I stand a chance. Of course, there is nothing we can say right now that might apply by this time next year. I just wish I could give myself any reassuring words for next year's application season. That being said, if you have any (reassuring words, that is) I'd sure be happy to hear 'em! It is a small consolation to
  8. WELP I sent an email to BU's DGS. I know many of us have done so at this point, but hey, why not an a little pressure? I figure even if I get no response back, I can now say there is literally nothing left for me to do. I played my part. Now to write that thesis I've put off for two months...
  9. First, I totally get the embarrassment thing. I'm struggling with that a bit myself, but it's important to remind yourself that there's nothing to be ashamed about. These programs are so competitive and they accept so few people, so it's not a reflection on your worth as a student at all. Second, I am also in the process of drafting those emails and I've tried to put a bit of a positive spin on it. So far I have: "Thank you so much for your support throughout the application process this year. Unfortunately, I was not admitted to any programs for the fall of 2020. While I am disappointed, I am
  10. YUP. The fact that there’s still a tiny glimmer of hope is really messing me up honestly. It’s this weird thing where I genuinely know I won’t get in, but when I finally get the rejection I’ll still be shocked and devastated because until I hear back there’s still that 0.001% chance I could make the cut. It's been really rough and I shake my computer in a violent rage every night, but we're getting closer to the finish line. Hang in there!
  11. Dearest Darlingest Boston University, I hope this email finds you frantically trying to finish the selection process. Are you quite well? I only ask because the radio silence on your end has certainly been a cause for alarm. As for me, I have mysteriously gained 10 pounds, accumulated a lovely array of zits, wasted all of my money on grubhub, and neglected my duties as a student and a teacher. My family and friends are fine, thank you. In fact, they are coming to visit me this weekend! As I know them pretty well, I am sure they will ask me "so, what's next for you?” Now, I hat
  12. Ugh. Just got rejected from Brandeis. I only have one more to go (chandler voice: BU could you B any slower?), but it's not looking good. I know everyone says it's not over until it's over, but I kind of wish I could trick my brain into thinking it's over. I'm 100% reapplying next year (and probably adding 10 extra schools) and I plan on retaking both GREs and working on my writing, but I feel a bit lost. I know we all feel this way, and we are all right the feel this way, but I really felt like I earned it and I deserved to get in... My heart truly goes out to anyone feeling this pain ri
  13. On a separate note, I just got a job at a gourmet chocolate shop! I start tomorrow and this is my thought process: Yay! I love chocolate and paychecks! Wait, I'm still waiting to hear back from BU and Brandeis (even though the latter is an implied rejection)... Wait, I might hear back from them as early as tomorrow... Well, there go my thighs.
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