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  1. AHHH I got into UVA! Brb as I commence a weeklong celebration 😭
  2. Just when I’d convinced myself of an inevitable shutout this cycle, I got an email from UVA saying I’m at the top of the waitlist—fingers crossed for some last minute good news 🥺
  3. I feel this hard. Out at Michigan as well, with only one waitlist possibility (UVA). I'm curious to know how many Michigan ultimately accepted this cycle...
  4. Hi! So I reached out to both the DGS and my PoI, and the sense I got is that things are so tight due to the pandemic that I don’t think an email would make that much of a difference. I think you’re probably fine, but if it’s causing you anxiety, emailing the DGS to confirm your continued interest in their program probably wouldn’t hurt!
  5. I contacted my PoI at UVA about the waitlist, and she informed me they had over 400 applications this cycle for 6 spots. Grad school is such a crapshoot in a normal cycle, but this seems to confirm that this year is especially cutthroat.
  6. I’ve been mostly lurking up until I received my own waitlist notification, but I’ve seen your posts and I sincerely hope you get good news soon!!!!! Fingers and toes crossed for everyone 🤞
  7. I’m on the waitlist at UVA. It’s my top choice, so my fingers are crossed for movement—though this year has been so unpredictable I think I’ve decided to go into the wait period self-protectively, and assume the worst. I work mostly on the 19th century novel, queer studies, and—even more specifically—Henry James!
  8. Hi! First time poster, but I was one of the UVA waitlists, and also received this email.
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