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  1. North Carolina State, UT-Knoxville, and UNC-Wilmington offer funding packages to some students! @cruel optimism also shared this list of MAs with info on their funding packages a while back: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1XZ7ejtJETaRH7ufh2O1S21HOeTTy9EYgi7Z5vUHCRLI/edit#gid=0 Edit: This information was accurate as of last app cycle, but I'm not sure how COVID-19 will impact funding for future MA students. I'd definitely check with the departments that interest you to see if funding is still available for the upcoming cycle.
  2. Now that we've had a minute to process our decisions, anyone else getting hit with that good ole' impostor syndrome?
  3. THIS IS THE BEST NEWS OMG CONGRATS! I had been silently crossing my fingers for you for a while now so I am really so delighted to hear you made it! Yay you!
  4. @WildeThing @vvolgate Thanks for the input! I'll take another look at the course listings and see if it'll really be worth it or if there's another class I'm just as interested in.
  5. Anyone know if taking two 3 hour long graduate seminars back-to-back on the same day is a death wish?
  6. I'm heading to UNC in the fall! My decision was tough but after talking to a number of students and faculty members at my two top programs, I really believe this is the best choice for me. Super excited!
  7. Thank you for sharing! I will definitely take all of this into consideration.
  8. Thanks for the affirmation, y'all. Also, @hamnet in tights, to your point about program A compensating for something: a couple of my undergrad profs have actually explicitly stated that the program likely has to offer especially competitive stipends to lure prospective grad student out to that middle-of-nowhere location. So, it does seem that they're pretty clearly compensating for their less than ideal spot on the map (though I'm sure the program itself is strong and the scholars who have reached out to me have all been lovely).
  9. Like you said, figuring out what exactly will be best for me mentally is really hard to predict. While I do think I'd prefer to live in program B's location, the peace of mind that the money from program A would give me might end up being better for my mental health than nice surroundings. The difference is pretty major. Program A is located three hours from, basically, anything (I was about to say "from a major city," but there aren't even really any notable small or mid-sized cities closer than three hours). It's basically a tiny college town in the middle of nowhere. I think I migh
  10. So I'm in the final phase of decision-making, and I'm torn between two programs. The programs seem more or less comparable in a number of ways, but one (program A) is offering me substantially more money than the other (program B)-- like, to the tune of $45,000 over the course of 6 years. The cost of living in the areas around both schools is more or less equivalent, but I think I'd really much prefer to live in the area around program B. While I'd certainly be more comfortable financially with the $$ offered by program A, I could still support myself on the $$ offered by program B. The progra
  11. I just declined my offer from Tufts. I hope this helps someone!
  12. I'm so glad you're in, too! That is great! Maybe we'll be cohort mates in the fall*?! *That is, if my head doesn't explode while trying to decide between my two top picks.
  13. Well, I just received an offer from UNC off their waitlist. I am now officially going to have a heart attack.
  14. Thanks for the thoughts, y'all. I'm going to dig a little deeper into placement records at both schools.
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