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  1. I thought the rejection from Penn was sweet as far as template rejections go, even if they didn’t notify of the decision!
  2. Email updates... NYU DGS Robert Young responded to me but said notifications go through GSAS centrally and that they don’t notify students directly. Based on last year I guess we have to wait until mid-March for the official rejections. No response from Maryland DGS Gershun Avilez.
  3. I definitely met some people in the past who were accepted late off waitlists and arranged to come meet faculty and sit in on a class or two, even if they didn’t or couldn’t make it to the official visit!
  4. Never had acne in my life and yet...pimples ever since my ACCEPTANCE. Wtf
  5. Wanted to say no they definitely aren’t! And thanks for the reasoning. Guess I’m chasing the high of the acceptance 🥴
  6. Thank you! And congrats on those amazing choices!!
  7. Good faith question here—the rest of my schools are implied rejections IMO. Thoughts on committing elsewhere before official notifications come through?
  8. Can’t seem to find a DGS contact for NYU. Anyone have it?
  9. I’m eager to commit and looking for English DGS contact info for University of Maryland (also emailing NYU and Columbia)...not tolerating those lingering April rejections! Edit: emailed Gershun Avilez at Maryland and a general contact at NYU. Think I’m chickening out on Columbia for now.
  10. I didn’t see anything about CUNY funding travel but it can’t hurt to ask! (I’m local)
  11. Is this about Columbia? If so, did you have an interview? I’m in same space but didn’t have an interview and sort of figured anyone hearing back was being accepted or rejected off their short list, and that non-interviewees in 20th/21st are implicitly rejected/will receive rejections after this first wave
  12. I think I’m in a unique situation because my one acceptance is from a school I’ve already gone to (just finished my MA at CUNY in September) and in the city I’ve lived in for the past few years/am from near. I went into this process sort of assuming I’d either get shut out or get into only CUNY, because I felt my application was so much more compelling there than anywhere else. Really not sure what I’d think if I had one acceptance from a school I otherwise had no connection to, though if I felt it was competitively ranked I’d probably take it.
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