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  1. This process makes me feel as if I am back in undergrad, desperately wondering if my crush will ever text me back.
  2. The impending decisions are starting to feel more real to me, and I think I had an application-related dream last night. That is, I don't recall the dream itself, but I remember briefly waking up and thinking groggily, "I should post about this dream on the Grad Cafe." 😅
  3. I'm in exactly the same boat, including the Chicago implied rejection! I'm counting down the days until February, when I expect most of the decisions to occur. 😬
  4. That makes sense. I submitted the majority of my applications through ApplyWeb or the format used by Chicago.
  5. Hmm, that's good to know. I thought Chicago was a solid fit, but I guess not. Peace out, Chicago. It's been real.
  6. Yale's DGS tweeted that applications there have increased by 40% this cycle. Interesting.
  7. Ok, maybe they're giving non-US applicants some extra time, since arranging an interview with the time zone difference could be more challenging. We shall see!
  8. Good luck! I didn't receive the email, so this might be the end of the road for Chicago and me. 🙃
  9. I was startled to see an email in my inbox with the subject line "Graduate Studies." But alas, it was just my undergraduate university suggesting that I apply there.
  10. I feel seen lol. I've definitely been experiencing this line of thought.
  11. For now I've just resolved to savor the free time before decisions roll in. I'll read whatever books I like, watch TV, keep working part-time at my local library, get my language skills back up to speed, and spend time with friends (I was basically a recluse during December). If I do get into grad school, I'll have plenty of stress to contend with during the summer and fall, so I want to enjoy myself a bit before then. I'll still check my apps every day, though; it's impossible to push them completely out of my mind.
  12. Submitted my 16th and final application (WUSTL)! Time to spend the rest of the evening with TV, a glass of wine, and a mystery novel.
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