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  1. Hey everyone! Congratulations to all who have gotten in! My partner is planning to apply to the WGS and Feminist Studies programs as well as some interdisciplinary programs in humanities such as Rhetoric at Berkeley the next cycle. I know that this is still early and you are still waiting and making decisions but just wanted to ask if you would be willing to share with us your statements of purposes/research statements? We'd really appreciate any help! Best of luck to those who are still waiting and making their decisions.
  2. Any news? On Toronto especially?
  3. Did anybody hear anything from the Comparative Thought and Literature program at Johns Hopkins?
  4. Hi everybody, The VCS program at the University of Rochester decided to suspend the admissions for Fall 2021 after a month we all submitted our applications with an email that does not give a shit about the the effort, time, hopes, and "precarity" of the applicants, and acting as if there is nothing wrong with making this decision after receiving the applications. The email, sent by the graduate school with the name of the VCS graduate director, is as follows. This topic is for the applicants to discuss the possible courses of action against this situation. "The Steering Committe
  5. Oh cool, congratulations! I am sure, and hope, you'll hear the good news soon. Did they tell you anything about the admissions process this year, how many people they will admit and whether they interview all the selected candidates? And I wonder if it was a formal interview with the admissions committee or some informal chat about the specifics of your application. It is interesting that they rejected some of the applicants right away, conducted interviews with some, and still told nothing to some others.
  6. Wait, were you interviewed by them? Or, just posted one of those "I have not gotten anything" posts on the results page? Sorry for my lack of understanding. Best of luck to you.
  7. Can anybody confirm the interview from Cornell's comparative literature on the results page? I am also one of those applicants the program put in suspense. It seems weird that only one interview is posted though, given that they would also send interview requests to those whom they will waitlist and reject eventually. So, I guess, the number of interviews posted should have been a bit higher than one? Or, I am just deceiving myself with the possibility that I am not rejected. I would appreciate it if anybody can confirm the interview or has an insider knowledge about the program's ad
  8. Can anybody admitted to Berkeley's Rhetoric or Chicago's Social Thougt share his or her background, research interests, and SoP if possible with me too? That would really be helpful, as I am planning to apply to them next year.
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