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  1. Welcome aboard to the postmodernist bandwagon.
  2. At least it is recommended by me and many other people that you simply throw away Phd offers without funding especially you are an international student. Main Reason: 1. You cannot work during your stay in the U.S.. This means your tuition and life expenses have to be fully paid by yourself. The only exception are on-campus jobs, and a 12-month OPT period, in which you are allowed to be hired. But to solely rely on these sources for your financial well-being is unthinkable. So again, be prepared to pay most of your tuition and expenses. I don't know about your economic condition, but this
  3. I guess some exceptionally good candidates will be contacted and accepted early. But it doesn't mean late messages are all rejections, right?
  4. Your GRE V and Q are low. Could be part of the reason. *Don't worry. It seems I am also getting all-rejection this year. You are not alone.
  5. To those who have experiences in philosophy and theoretical writings, I have a question. What is the prose style, upon seen by most professors, will start to get their heads nodding right away? Or is it that the style doesn't really matter as long as the argument is solid? On the other side, what prose(s) will immediately raise a red flag and get frowned upon? If so, what trends or ecology do you think this reflects in today's English speaking theory world?
  6. I didn't know I could have met some professors in person and have a preliminary talk in order to boost my chance of admission until someone told me I could do so recently.
  7. I am totally fine with all this emotional shit. It's just that my parents are virtually killing me by flogging me with world-crumbling fantasies and anxiety-provoking admonishments.
  8. Hi Prof, I know this might sound just stupid but what is the role psychoanalysis plays in today's sociology? Which university/college programs encourage psychoanalytically and meta-analytically oriented research? If that exists, I would be very interested to apply. Thanks!
  9. I only uploaded my essays to Academia.edu, so if they really bother to go to that site, they would definitely know the author is me. I do wish everything shall turn out just fine as you suggested. Thanks for the reply.
  10. Hi folks. I have been waiting for my decisions, and there recently comes to my mind a practical concern. After I submitted my applications, I put my writing samples online in order to get some critique, and my essays are fully indexed by Google. So now I am worrying about that when the admission committees use stuff like Turnitin.com or something like that, it will raise a big red flag on their end because an identical essay will certainly be matched by Google. I am afraid that if they are not patient enough to actually check whether that source belongs to me, they will simply consider my writ
  11. I am asking because I just got my rejection letter from them today. If you get accepted, could you please share your research interests and personal statement so people who really want to get in for the next wave may learn from your success? Thank you in advance.
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