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  1. Hi everyone! Bit of a long-time listener, first time caller. Obviously this forum has many more English PhD applicants over rhet./comp. applicants, so I wanted to create a thread for this cycle for people to chat/commiserate about this weird application cycle in our tiny field, and to see where people are thinking and what their broad research interests are! I'm interested largely in the intersection of rhetorical/critical theory, as well as applying a philosophy lens to rhetoric of law (mainly Derrida, Heidegger, Kant). So far, applying to Penn State, UT Austin, UMD, and Berkeley, but st
  2. I was originally considering some interdisciplinary PhD programs, and honestly might still be, so I can give you the advice I was given by my undergrad professors, since I asked three different professors a bunch of these questions... The gist that I got was that it really depends on the prestige of the school, and how you can spin your dissertation into something that helps you fit into a specific humanities department. But, the name of the degree does carry some weight (ex. having an English PhD looks better to English departments than having an interdisciplinary PhD in which you used skills
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