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  1. Just got a weird email from a University asking me to submit a different form of my application, PDF version, and to send it back to them--I did it as soon as possible, maybe something went wrong with their online application system?
  2. Wow who put this sheet together? It's pretty amazing
  3. Dang, what program for UCSB? I see that your program is in Film and Media Studies, IDK if there's a sub for that on Gradecafe but they probably would like to know that decisions are being made from that school. Anyway, that sucks but hopefully you'll get in somewhere!
  4. Got the same type of email but for UOregon, pretty sure it means nothing, especially since I got the email quickly after I barely applied.
  5. Wow already? I'm assuming they have either rolling admissions or a very early application deadline?
  6. Didn't think I would get those weird dreams but in the past week I've had a dream about being interviewed for a graduate program, me getting an acceptance to MIT, and me literally just sitting down at a desk doing graduate school work... None yet. I'm really hoping to get into some niche of philosophy of science with many rhizomatic-like approaches to the media; I want to do both applied and theoretical work.
  7. Did anyone else get those emails from UOregon today? Stuff about application being received and a scholarship portal?
  8. Finished all my applications, did not anticipate having to write so damn much. Now it's the wait...
  9. Modern Thought and Literature deadline is today it seems like. Confused about where to check admissions decisisions for it, I'm assuming on the website they give you when you complete your application? The website shows you the LOR's you requested.
  10. I finished all of my applications and all of the LOR's are submitted as well. I just have to wait a little bit for final grades to be inputted at my university so that I can show a better GPA.
  11. So I found out like a month ago that I can graduate in the Summer instead of the Fall, so I'm actually back to applying for Fall 2021. So much writing, on-top of classes, but everything is pretty much done. Hoping everything is well for everyone else.
  12. Thank you for this great info!
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