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    Second MFA?

    I was poking around and couldn't find discussion on this, but if you know of a thread, please direct me there! I'm trying to decide whether to apply for a second MFA, this time in poetry (first one was in fiction), and also considering applying to creative writing PhDs. I know that some MFAs explicitly state they won't accept applicants who already have an MFA, but I wonder if that also holds true if the applicant wants to work in a different genre than before.... Does anyone have any thoughts/resources on this? Thanks!
  2. I don’t think it would be bothering them too much. If there’s a problem with the system, they’d probably want to know anyway. I don’t think they’d decide to reject you for asking a reasonable question.
  3. Everyone grieves differently I guess. I spent more time crying earlier in the season and now I’m p numb to it all. I have a job at a cafe that I really like and live in a town where I have cultivated a lot of friendships, so I’m like, well it’s not like I’m in a totally horrible situation... I was sort of scared of the workload of a PhD anyway so I guess this is kind of a crappy reprieve? I applied to 14 schools and got fully rejected from all of them, though, which is a first for me for college/grad school apps. Cheers to breaking records! Wheeeeeeee!!!!
  4. It’s pretty shocking. Two of the smartest folks I know had to apply twice, even in non covid times, so I’m reassuring myself with the fact that it’s hard in general and nearly impossible this year. Still sucks tho! At least we have good memes and satire (your amazing essay) to get us through.
  5. Sounds like you’re a writer to me! Keep going! Or also wallow in anger/sadness for a while if you need to, I know I am 😊
  6. We are in the same situation, I feel your pain. If you are a creative writer as well, there are a few cool residencies, fellowships, etc that are accepting apps now. Personally I’m consoling myself by applying to more things and pretending I’m unbothered by all this rejection, all while setting myself up for more (probable) rejections. It’s a great strategy I know!!!
  7. Same. I just want it to be done so I can move on and plan for the next application cycle. Hang in there!
  8. I can’t even be mad at them regardless, they were the only school I was able to get a fee waiver for, because unlike most schools they didn’t make me apply for one with an essay on how poor I was, due at least three weeks in advance of the app deadline. 😠
  9. One theory I had — I saw that at least one rejection was recommended to the MA program. I marked that I was “not interested” in the MA on my application form, so maybe that put me in a different set of rejections, folks who wouldn’t be considered for the MA?
  10. Just curious, do you mean they’ll be posted today or like they’re meeting to make the final decisions?
  11. This situation happened in my MFA a couple years after I started, people on the waitlist had already accepted other offers and admissions had to dig into the rejection pile which was awkward to say the least.
  12. Best of luck and let us know if you get a response!
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