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  1. Actual footage of my mom trying to get me to leave my bed post-shutout
  2. Bahahaha at Plankton. That is so smart that you had your depression meals ready to go. I was in the hospital in October and that was my depression pro-tip the entire time. Meal-prep, clean preemptively, and have a bag packed in case you need to go to the hospital when your life falls apart! 🤣😭
  3. Just laughed out loud at this while dealing with my own rejection. Lucky for me that rejection hit in the middle of my therapy appointment and my therapist had also been rejected from UT Austin one time and was all "HOW DARE THEY REJECT US" How are y'all all so good-natured about this? I cry every time. The jokes only come later.
  4. Still grumpy, but I am just in love with that post on the results page about someone who felt like they were an underdog getting into Michigan. What a happy little spot of brightness that is! Congrats to whoever that was!
  5. Thank you so much! Definitely easing the pain of this shut out rn! ❤️
  6. Did no one else cry over email to their profs at the first few rejections?? 🤣 Congrats on your emotional strength. I even cried to an editor who did NOT ask for that. Glad everyone else is keeping it together!
  7. Ahhhh! Okay. That makes me feel so much better! I started reading all these blogs about people submitting their stuff a month in advance and I 100% thought I'd screwed up. Really relieved to know they're not just going to toss out my application now.
  8. Other people who got in saw no change at all?? Thanks SO MUCH for replying. I'm trying not to feel preemptively haunted by the fact that they might not have read it or something because I sent it in two days before the due date. I have this dumb theory that they're looking at ONLY MY FIELD in the exact way that they hire people at my office which is in Georgia, and is a library, and is in NO WAY affiliated with UT Austin because TEA LEAVES. 🤣
  9. Thank you! It does seem like there are quite a few people left here who didn't get in anywhere and I don't think I saw that last year. Really crushed that I didn't get in during the one year that they dropped the GRE.
  10. I mean, at least we now have this amazing meme. DYING.
  11. It's truly a tough year. I do think that's the case. I don't think I've seen a year where so many, many talented people got rejected by every single school they applied to.
  12. Okay ALSO. SERIOUSLY. My status never left In Review at UT Austin and I keep seeing people saying they got status updates like, "Your application has been forwarded to the admissions committee for review" and this never happened for me. Did anyone who has been accepted to UT Austin NOT get the "your application has been forwarded to the admissions committee for review" status?
  13. Out at Michigan. Rejected from 6/7 schools with a waitlist at Iowa. Feeling bewildered, angry, and heartbroken.
  14. Thank you so, so much and YES. It's 100% a real test (or it was before 2012). I think there are sit-ups/push-ups/pull-ups/a mile-run. They tested us on this in my elementary school and--like many future grad students--my only athletic skill at the time was deftly avoiding the dodge balls. I adore your dad's complete faith in you! Sounds like my mom! The way she shared this article on her socials started out, "My brilliant daughter..." 🤣 I'm fully expecting all of us to--at the very least--be nominated for Nobels/Pulitzers some day. ❤️❤️❤️
  15. Thank you so much for reading! I'm super touched that everyone is taking the time out to look at this in the midst of a tough season for so many of us. ❤️ Hoping things turn around for you soon!
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