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  1. I don't know if you have already considered this, but I would strongly consider applying to Villanova's MA. We have two Romanticists in our department (Joe Drury, who mostly focuses on science/technology, sexuality, and the Gothic, and Evan Radcliffe, who focuses on politics (especially the French Revolution), revolutions, and philosophy), and both of them are wonderful. While neither of them are a perfect fit for you, I think studying with either/both of them could be beneficial to your project. There's also a few other profs who work with 18th/19th century British, Irish, and European lit, directly or indirectly. Echoing @sarahchristine, the MA is a great time to both expand upon your context and refine your particular interests. And, Villanova historically funds many of their English MA students, which is uncommon for MAs in the humanities. If Villanova doesn't seem interesting to you, here's a link to a spreadsheet listing funded English MAs in the US: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1XZ7ejtJETaRH7ufh2O1S21HOeTTy9EYgi7Z5vUHCRLI/edit#gid=0. Hope this is helpful. Feel free to PM if you have any questions about Villanova, or going right from undergrad into an MA program.
  2. (To not pollute the "accepting apps" spreadsheet or thread...) As of today (9/16/20), here are the PhD programs (in English, Comp Lit, and other adjacent fields) that have announced they are officially NOT taking applications for Fall 2021 admission, based on email communication I've had, website updates, and posts both here and on reddit: Brown American Studies Columbia English Michigan Film Studies NYU Comp Lit NYU English UChicago Cinema and Media Studies UChicago English* (limited admissions, Black Studies scholars only) UChicago Linguistics UChicago Comp Lit UOregon Comp Lit UPenn All Arts & Sciences Programs UPittsburgh English UPittsburgh Film and Media Studies
  3. @jadeisokay, do you want to make a new thread with this link so that @Warelin can pin it? Also, I added a column for app date deadline, since I noticed that Northwestern's is a bit earlier compared to the others. Northwestern's deadline is usually early, but I think that's the first November deadline I've seen!
  4. I'm in the midst of a pass of revisions but I'd be happy to look over yours, and then send you mine once I finish this rework!
  5. I wonder if it might be helpful to make a collectively edit-able spreadsheet, and then put that in a thread we can pin at the top of the forum...thoughts?
  6. Yay, sounds good! Shoot me a PM whenever you have your early draft going 😊
  7. Does anyone want to do an early-stage SoP draft swap (emphasis on early-stage draft...)?
  8. For sure! It's so hard to balance how to think about adcomms/applications when the process is so obscure in a lot of ways. But I'm glad you're applying and we can all commiserate or congratulate each other this spring 😊
  9. HA! lol this I think is one of the funkiest elements about being in grad life. My parents/friends are like "why are you so pessimistic?" and I'm like...you gotta understand...I'm actually being optimistic lmao
  10. Hi! I'm currently in Villanova's MA, planning on applying to PhD programs for 2021. I also graduated from an extremely small (~1200 students, undergrad only) private Christian college--so small that almost none of my current cohort or professors at Villanova have ever even heard of where I went to undergrad. I can't speak to PhD acceptances (I was rejected from all 7 programs I applied to for Fall 2019 admission, although I have a strong suspicion this had more to do with the vagueness of my interests and project at the time, and almost nothing to do with my undergrad degree), but for what it's worth, I got into Villanova with full funding. My advisor here did say that it may help me in the long run to have my MA from Villanova, a place that will be more recognizable/legible to adcomms, but that it's unlikely to be a deciding factor. Ultimately, we can't change where we went to undergrad at this point! And I think in the scope of the wider application, one would hope that this wouldn't be a determining component. I think regardless, even if adcomms do take undergrad alma mater into consideration, I doubt it would ever be weighted as much as the statement of purpose and writing sample. I don't think where you graduated from in undergrad should deter you from applying to MA or PhD programs. There's lots of reasons not to apply (the general instability of the grad school lifestyle, the particular instability of the humanities, the absolute waste land that is the job market, the unpredictability of the future of academia in the wake of the pandemic, the competitiveness of the pandemic app cycle and inevitably the next few cycles afterward, I could go on and on...) but I don't think your undergrad should be one of them!
  11. Hi! I'm not sure about any of your schools specifically (not much overlap in our choices haha) but a lot of schools haven't posted anything yet. I've been reaching out to either the Admissions Chair, the Grad Studies Assistant, or the head of the department depending on who's listed on the website, and so far everyone has gotten back to me within a day! So if you're worried you could try that.
  12. CUNY and UC Irvine are currently planning on taking applications as of right now.
  13. UC Davis is taking applications for this fall season. Northwestern has not yet decided whether they will accept applications, but they anticipate having that decision public on their website by early-mid September.
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