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  1. Bopie5

    2019 Applicants

    SAME SAME SAME. I have none of my SOPs written. Taken the GRE, have my WS ready, have my schools picked, my LORs are requested but profs haven't submitted yet. But writing the SOPs has me stressed!
  2. Bopie5

    How to contact PhD faculty of interest?

    I've heard various things on this for English programs--some sites recommend contacting faculty, and others say it's better to contact current grad students rather than the faculty. Anyone have any thoughts or info on this?
  3. Bopie5

    Anybody else applying to a PhD straight out of undergrad?

    Hi Resilient! I'm in the exact same boat--in my senior year, looking to hopefully move right into an English PhD program out of undergrad. I'm totally with you on feeling intimidated by everyone's publications and such! I've won a few small awards at my university, but I'm not published at all, and I'm getting nervous for sure...
  4. Bopie5

    2019 Applicants

    Hi all! This thread has been a bit dead for a few weeks, but figured I'd put my info in here! I'm graduating in May with a BA double major in English Literature and Theatre. GPA 3.99, GRE 168V/159Q/6W. I'm hoping to get accepted into a PhD program, and I'm planning on applying to 5-8 schools. Can't do any more because of finances 😕 The list is currently UChicago, Michigan, Northwestern, Stanford, UC Davis, and UCSB, but I have a few more I'm looking at/thinking of. In my graduate study, I'm looking to pursue Feminism and/or Gender and Sexuality, focusing around ideas of embodiment, intersectionality, and identity. My writing sample is a Kristevan reading of Chaim Potok's My Name Is Asher Lev, focusing on the maternal body as a site of suffering that resists sign/signifier/signified relationships, and my current research surrounds the ways in which the 'evil' or villainous body is visually coded as "other" in Western animation. Also currently pursuing a full length theatrical project utilizing the poetry of T. S. Eliot and Anne Sexton as the basis for a devised piece of poetic theatre exploring the human movement towards the divine. Very excited for all of us, and want to wish you all the best of luck! Also if anyone has any advice/suggestions/help, I could really use it. No one in my family has gone to grad school before, so a lot of what I'm doing is based on my own research. If anyone has applied before and has wisdom to pass along regarding writing good SOPs, contacting current grad students, determining program fit, etc, etc, etc...basically I need all the help I can get! Hope the application process goes well for everyone

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