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  1. Submitted 6/13 of my apps today. Going to do 4 more tomorrow, and then the last 3 next week. I can't tell if I'm relieved or even more anxious now that they're submitted. How's everyone else doing?
  2. @EffervescentMoon I'm done with everything but the personal statement, and it is giving me hell! It's only required for five or six of the schools I'm applying to, but right now it feels like the insurmountable last hoop to jump through.
  3. Hey friend! I'd be happy to swap if you're looking for more readers.
  4. Just a check in--how's everyone doing? How are you all feeling about your applications? I'm about on track for where I wanted to be (3/10 SoPs fairly finalized, all LoRs requested, currently working on excerpting my WS, since about half of the programs I'm applying to ask for a statement that's 8-10 pages). Crazy to think there's only two months left in the applying part of this season. It doesn't seem like enough time!
  5. Just venting. Writing SoPs SUCKS. I feel like I'm playing whack-a-mole--every time I solve one problem, it creates a whole bunch of new ones.
  6. Seconding @Glasperlenspieler on this--that's a great place to start. Also, the first person who came to mind (for me) when you mentioned multicultural YA lit was Ebony Elizabeth Thomas at Penn. Obviously, Penn isn't taking anyone in Arts & Sciences this cycle. But if you're waiting on applying, she might be a good person to keep in mind. Her book The Dark Fantastic could be a great starting place to find more YA lit scholars. She definitely focuses more on race in YA lit than queer theory, but YA lit people in general are harder to find than say, a Shakespearean or a 19th C Americanis
  7. I don't know if you have already considered this, but I would strongly consider applying to Villanova's MA. We have two Romanticists in our department (Joe Drury, who mostly focuses on science/technology, sexuality, and the Gothic, and Evan Radcliffe, who focuses on politics (especially the French Revolution), revolutions, and philosophy), and both of them are wonderful. While neither of them are a perfect fit for you, I think studying with either/both of them could be beneficial to your project. There's also a few other profs who work with 18th/19th century British, Irish, and European lit, d
  8. (To not pollute the "accepting apps" spreadsheet or thread...) As of today (9/16/20), here are the PhD programs (in English, Comp Lit, and other adjacent fields) that have announced they are officially NOT taking applications for Fall 2021 admission, based on email communication I've had, website updates, and posts both here and on reddit: Brown American Studies Columbia English Michigan Film Studies NYU Comp Lit NYU English UChicago Cinema and Media Studies UChicago English* (limited admissions, Black Studies scholars only) UChicago Lingu
  9. @jadeisokay, do you want to make a new thread with this link so that @Warelin can pin it? Also, I added a column for app date deadline, since I noticed that Northwestern's is a bit earlier compared to the others. Northwestern's deadline is usually early, but I think that's the first November deadline I've seen!
  10. I'm in the midst of a pass of revisions but I'd be happy to look over yours, and then send you mine once I finish this rework!
  11. I wonder if it might be helpful to make a collectively edit-able spreadsheet, and then put that in a thread we can pin at the top of the forum...thoughts?
  12. Yay, sounds good! Shoot me a PM whenever you have your early draft going 😊
  13. Does anyone want to do an early-stage SoP draft swap (emphasis on early-stage draft...)?
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