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  1. Hi! Don't have insights about Wake Forest in particular, but if it's not already on your list, Villanova's MA in English program is excellent! Similarly to Wake Forest's program, Villanova's program offers both tuition scholarships and Graduate Assistantships with stipends. If you've been lurking, I'm sure you've seen this advice before, but the general rule of thumb is "don't go to a place where you don't get funding (especially if it's an MA)." In my experience so far, Villanova's program is rigorous, supportive, well-structured, and supportive to students looking to pursue career paths other than going on to the PhD. There are a few faculty who focus on 20th/21st century poetics, and I'm actually in an excellent poetry class at the moment. Might be worth looking in to! Feel free to PM me if you have any questions.
  2. Yes exactly! I feel the same way. I think once I have a sense of the territory I’ll feel better. Same to you, truly!!! I hope some of us stick around and keep each other updated—I really am invested in your grad school journey.
  3. I moved into my house on Saturday and my first orientation is this Wednesday!! I’m so excited. Class on the 26th for me too. I’m more excited than nervous but that might change as I’m walking up to the building haha!
  4. Not to be too basic, but Judith Butler, Eve Sedgwick, and Jack Halberstam are some pretty standard seminal queer theorists. Lauren Berlant and Gayle Rubin are also big. And obviously a lot of their work engages with Foucault. But you might already be familiar with all those!
  5. @WildeThing Ah, thank you so much! I feel like I could definitely manage that. Thanks for the info!
  6. yes!!! it’s the biggest relief to feel like I finally have things sliding into place. I’m not super into sports but I feel like I have to go to at least one basketball game just to say I did haha
  7. This might sound really stupid, but what qualifications do you need to chair a panel at a conference? I’m going to be at MAPACA this November and I keep getting emails about them needing chairs for panels, and I would love to help, but I’m not sure I’m qualified since I’m only a grad student. Thoughts? What’s the protocol here?
  8. I FIGURED OUT MY HOUSING! so relieved and now I can move forward figuring out other less stressful stuff
  9. I think for me, one reason I decided to pursue an MA instead of waiting and applying for PhDs again was to give myself a stronger background in my desired field of study. I went to a pretty small school for undergrad, with only one prof working in Critical Race theory and one in Fem/Gen (in general, it wasn't a particularly theory-driven department), and both were 19th century. Therefore, my experience in my field was largely developed through independent study and/or asking profs if I could modify assignments to suit my interests. My profs were incredibly supportive and put in a lot of time and energy to help me find good resources (a pro of being at a small school), but I think my MA will give me a better sense of the state of the field, which will enable me to refine my research and make sure it's relevant and in conversation with what's happening for the field now. I can't speak to whether having my MA beforehand will increase my chances with PhD adcomms for my next app cycle, but I am 99% sure my application will be more competitive because I will have 2 years to refine my focus. Plus, those 2 years give me more chances for networking, more opportunities for publication, more opportunities for conference presentation, more research and teaching experience... When I wrote my apps last year, I had no academic publications and no conferences, and a really broad idea of what I wanted to specialize in. Now, even just 7 months after I applied, I have a published article and forthcoming conference presentations at IGA, SCMLA, and MAPACA, and I have a much more specific sense of what I want to pursue in my research. Getting an MA first is 100% the right move for me, even though I didn't realize that until I had already sent in PhD apps and received some decisions.
  10. From everything I've read/heard, not only is the GRE one of the less important parts (like @illcounsel said), but even within that, for English the AW is the least important part of the GRE. As I understand it (and as it's been explained to me), adcomms will understand that timed writing will not showcase your best work. Why would they hold a 3.5 AW against you if you demonstrate your writing skills in your WS and SoP? Why would they trust a standardized test's assessment of your timed writing over an actual piece of your writing that they can evaluate themselves? If you show you can craft good prose in an organized way that conveys thoughtful ideas in your other app materials, your AW shouldn't really affect you. But I totally get the anxiety!
  11. Ah! 2019 cycle applicant popping on to the thread to say I'll also be at SCMLA this October! What session are you presenting in? Seconding this! As someone whose PhD plans went to shit, only to end up in a really great MA (which I think absolutely is the right thing for me in retrospect), I'm here for anyone who has questions! Feel free to PM me about anything. I applied to PhDs while finishing my bachelor's and working 3 part time jobs (and I do not recommend that lol), and the rejections definitely hit hard. But the bad feeling of the rejections ultimately led me to a really great place for where I'm at in my academic journey. GradCafe was an AMAZING resource for me--I found amazing SoP readers, people to commiserate with, and people who encouraged me here. Would be happy to return the favor if anyone needs or wants it!
  12. Thanks for the encouragement ☺️ I'm hopeful for sure! I know it'll all work out in the end.
  13. Apartment hunting from a distance is SO hard. 😕I know I'm going to find something/figure something out, but that doesn't mean I'm not stressed af.
  14. If you're looking to keep up to date on CFPs, this site is good as well. I generally look at UPenn's and this one. Best of luck!
  15. YES! Reading this put such a big smile on my face. You deserve this so much! And what a good energy to kick off your experience with. We’re all rooting for you here!
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