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  1. This cycle really is coming to a close (truly strange to think how time has passed!) and I’ll be saying a soft goodbye to checking gradcafe. But y’all are the best and I’m so grateful for the way we’ve supported and encouraged each other throughout this cycle. If anyone ever wants to be twitter friends (I am terminally online) or collab on a conference presentation send me a DM! Best wishes to all who still have decisions to make or waitlists to hear back from.
  2. YESSSS CONGRATULATIONS! I have been anticipating this post for weeks and I am SO EXCITED to wish you a much, much deserved congratulations. So thrilled for you, you absolutely deserve this. Can't wait to read all the great scholarship you produce!!! And maybe see each other at conferences, etc. Take the time to celebrate, this is a huge and wonderful accomplishment. CONGRATS!!!
  3. Of course! It was for English, and my area is media studies/race and ethnicity/contemporary popular cultures.
  4. Hi! Sorry for the confusion--I am currently in an MA, and will be starting a PhD in Comm/Media at Michigan this fall! I updated my signature to show my cycle is wrapped and I made my decision to attend Michigan lol. Probably could have phrased it more clearly.
  5. This is just my two cents, but I think all of us are set up for an uncertain future, no matter what program, no matter the ranking. I'm thinking about how Columbia has had trouble placing any of their recent PhD grads in TT positions. If we put any credence in US News rankings (I don't really), we can solidly say that top 10 and even top 5 schools struggle to place their graduates. Adjuncting is profoundly precarious, and VAPs/postdocs are extremely competitive (and still precarious). In my opinion, I would go with the place where you believe you are most likely to thrive for the next 5-
  6. Hi, I haven't posted here yet, but I wanted to let you all know I just declined a spot at Washington State American Studies. Hope this opens up a spot for someone!
  7. I've just declined my offer at Davis, and also removed myself from CUNY's waitlist. Hope this helps someone!
  8. Wow, amazing. I'm sure your presentation will be great--keep us updated on how it goes!
  9. Omg congrats! I couldn't pull my life together enough to submit to NeMLA this year, but I wish I could come to your panel. What are you presenting on?
  10. Okay the whole #TeamBEN paragraph sent me! I was laughing out loud throughout but that part really got me. Also... "no more difficult and complicated than the vast web of lies your professors have clearly been spinning about your talent and scholarly potential to keep from hurting your feelings" OUCH!
  11. @dogeared is right! @cassidyaxx I just want to echo everything they said. And add that I really admire your resilience and dedication to your work. Your research truly is so interesting, and it's been so cool to see how it's developed over the past few years. I really hope there is waitlist movement and you hear good things sooner rather than later. We are all rooting for you here (not to be corny and quote Whitman, but we are with you and know how it is). This process really beats you down. Please take care of yourself and be gentle with yourself. Your work is meaningful and valuable; you hav
  12. When I was shut out in the 2019 cycle, I reached out to all the programs asking for feedback. It's not rude, but you really have to be careful not to make it look like "Why the hell did you reject me?" and instead make it more like "I genuinely want to approve and would appreciate feedback if you can give it" (even if you're feeling both ways haha). Fwiw, 6/7 schools I applied to said they couldn't give feedback bc they have too many applicants, and the one school that did give feedback was almost entirely positive.
  13. Hi, thanks for reaching out. I'm definitely not any kind of expert here, but I can speak to what my process was like! I applied to multiple programs because my research interests don't necessarily fall neatly into one department. I am really interested in television studies/media studies, and that doesn't consistently fall into one kind of department. My research proposal is largely the same, but with different framing/emphasis for each discipline. I wrote a somewhat unique SoP for each program regardless of discipline, because one thing I worked hard on this cycle was articulating fit b
  14. I can't really speak to the potential impacts of being an international student, but everything I've heard (on here and elsewhere) suggests that stats (GRE, GPA) are significantly less important than SoP, sample, and LoR. And I know for me, my stats are good (4.0 GPA, 98 percentile verbal, 99 percentile AW) but that didn't get me anywhere last cycle, because my project was vague and poorly defined. I've heard that good stats don't necessarily help you, but particularly bad stats (major GPA, subject, verbal, and AW--the quant score doesn't matter at all for us, really) might have a negati
  15. CONGRATULATIONS! I'm so happy for you. Which program? So excited for you, for both the acceptance and the funding. I hope you do something fun to celebrate.
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