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  1. Are you at liberty to say what these rumblings are? Always trying to get my finger closer to the pulse of what's going on (though I don't think anyone could really predict what will happen).
  2. @cassidyaxx So good to see you back on here! Fingers crossed for both of us for this upcoming cycle.
  3. Thanks so much for this info! This is really helpful. I was thinking of making a "Tangible Ways COVID-19 Will Impact Future App Cycles" thread on here where we could keep track of this kind of thing and other similar info (like Chicago accepting P/F and S/U grades as equivalent to number or letter grades)--a thread that only included the concrete, tangible, official information that we know at this point. Do you all feel as though that would be helpful? Or would it just be depressing haha.
  4. @ArcaMajora Hello! Yes, so long. Villanova is going as well as possible given the circumstances--I truly love the program, although things obviously have been much more difficult over the past month or so. I'm definitely going to apply to UCI English or UCI Culture and Theory (or both, which surprisingly is allowed?). I'll DM you!
  5. This is exactly how I'm feeling. I learned so much from my failures in the 2018-19 app cycle, and have learned even more in my MA program. My project and interests are more specific, my knowledge has increased in depth and breadth, I have a much greater sense of the realities of the academy...and yet, it could be $1500-2000 down the toilet.
  6. Yeah, I'm wondering how GRE, ordering transcripts, TOEFL, and other similar usually-in-person elements of the application will be affected. I know Chicago has already publicly stated they will consider P/F and S/U grades equivalent to letter grades when evaluating PhD apps. But that doesn't answer what will happen with standardized test requirements. And we can't totally know yet how this will affect other parts of the admission process. Two of my advisors have said that they predict this coming cycle to be very competitive. It seems like most people are anticipating that there will be more applicants, less funding, and fewer spots. However, for what it's worth, I know (from a friend who works there) that Berkeley's business school is very concerned that they won't have enough applicants for Fall 2021 admission, at either the grad or undergrad level. Business isn't the humanities, so in some sense this is comparing apples to oranges (or maybe more like apples to lawn chairs). But it is interesting to know that some grad programs have the opposite concern that most of us seem to have. I don't think we can draw any conclusions from this, other than "no one knows what is going to happen."
  7. Thanks for making the thread @jadeisokay! I don't know about anyone else, but I'm definitely already very anxious about the impacts of COVID-19 on admissions, funding, etc, etc...freaking out extremely...it's fine!
  8. Oof, I have around 18 programs in my longlist--hoping to cut down to 12-15, we'll see. I actually have a consulting call with one of my advisors about this tomorrow! But the big change is that I'm applying not just to English PhDs, but also American Studies and Ethnic Studies.
  9. Oh congrats! I'm so glad to hear that. Oof. Guess we'll both be losing our minds (again) even more in just a few months. Do you know where you're applying for the next cycle? (Maybe we should start a 2021 applicants thread to stop polluting this one?)
  10. @jadeisokay hi!!! good to see you on here again. how's chicago? villanova has been great--in retrospect, this was absolutely the right path for me. are you going for phds again for fall 2021 admission? would be fun to be on the same cycle again!
  11. I'm seconding @killerbunny's point about independence. While I haven't taken any courses directly in my fields in the MA I'm currently attending, and there are no profs who are in the exact same area of interest as me, I've been able to adjust seminar papers to fit my interests in all six of my courses so far. This may just be a feature of the program I'm in (which is wonderful and supportive), but being willing to do some extra research and spend a lot of extra time reading has allowed me to still pursue my interests while receiving guidance and feedback. For example, in a course on Contemporary American Lit & US Empire, I asked my prof if I could write about whiteness and settler colonialism in horror film instead of writing about a piece of contemporary AmLit, which she was actually really excited about and supportive of! In this way, my MA has actually really expanded my breadth of knowledge, via the course readings and seminar discussions, while also allowing me to pursue my own interests and write the kinds of papers I can submit to conferences, via the final seminar paper. And actually, taking classes not in my field has actually helped me refine my research just as much as taking classes closer to my field. For the thesis, I wouldn't underestimate profs in other departments, as @killerbunny said, and I also wouldn't underestimate faculty's secondary interests! Sometimes, you can make up for not having the ideal reader for multiple fields by having two or three readers who can cover the fields between them (e.g. someone from your theoretical specialization who doesn't primarily work in your period alongside someone from your period who doesn't primarily work in your theoretical lens). Obviously it's not totally ideal, but it can work. For the PhD, I would stress the fit a bit more (from what I have heard/read). But personally, I think in the MA it's slightly less of a concern, depending on what your ultimate career trajectory is. Overall, I would say, in the context of an MA, courses in your field are definitely less important than funding, but I think it's up to you to weigh how much courses matter when compared to other factors (location, distance, assistantships, cohort size, relative prestige, etc). Hope this helps!
  12. Personally, if I'm understanding your situation correctly, I might go with the Fulbright for this year (pending COVID) and then apply to both PhDs and funded MAs for a Fall 2021 admission. I applied to 7 PhD programs and 1 MA program right out of undergrad, and, having been rejected by the PhDs and going in to a fully funded MA, I'm really grateful to have had this period of time to refine my research and research interests before going in to the PhD. If you apply to both MAs and PhDs, you'll (theoretically) have more choices come Spring 2021, and it sounds like you'd be likely to get into MA programs again. That way, you can eliminate the fear of regretting deferring the MA programs now, and if you get shut out from PhDs for Fall 2021, you could still start your MA that year, take more time to refine your research project and improve the breadth and depth of your knowledge, and then still go on to apply to PhDs again and have that 5+ year relationship that you're looking for.
  13. Yes, I agree! I was at the Mid-Atlantic PCA this November and it was truly a blast. The energy is often so much more relaxed and upbeat. I went to panels on tiki bar culture, You on Netflix, disability in Marvel film, etc...truly a fun couple of days.
  14. I'm presenting on Jordan Peele's Us and Robert Eggers's The Witch at the national PCA/ACA conference in Philadelphia this April. Really looking forward to it!
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