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  1. I am kinda leaning towards Chicago too. It's a great school, and I wish spending one year there might open up some new research opportunities and pave my path to good Ph.D. programs! I wish we could study together at UCSD in their Ph.D. program Best of luck to you!
  2. I am going to do the same thing, but it really makes me sad
  3. Gahhhhh I just checked my email, and the funding info came. NO FUNDING at all! Really disappointing I am going to try to negotiate it with the program director, but I really like GPS.... I'll have to go to Chicago then. Anyone received the no funding email and trying to get some more money from the department?
  4. CONGRATS! That's such an amazing achievement I wish I could get the same email soon too. Is any of you guys an international applicant by any chance? Did your letter mention what award/fellowship/scholarship it is? When did you apply and hear back from them about the admission result? I'm sorry to ask so many questions all at once lol. My application was originally submitted for the Ph.D. program in political science, and the graduate coordinator suggested I transfer it to GPS for the MIA program. I received an email from GPS that I was nominated for admission, but after that, I did
  5. I am an international student as well! Well, I am going to give it a shot. It's one of the most expensive schools around the world, so I won't be attending unless I get some funding either. Still, asking them if they can provide some funding wouldn't hurt... I hope you have a better offer from a better school!
  6. Anyone received the acceptance letter from NYU for their Master's program? I am surprised that they didn't offer me ANY funding! I received some good funding from other schools. Should I negotiate scholarships/fellowships or is it just a waste of time?
  7. Here! Didn't hear from NYU, Chicago, and Davis. I guess it's probably a rejection at this point though. I'll never be able to understand why schools drag this on for so long A teeny-tiny part of me still thinks "hey... you might still have a chance.."
  8. Does anyone know if Chicago has a waitlist or not? Everyone I personally know who applied to the same program got their decision emails, both acceptance and rejection, and I haven't had any news yet. If they do, is there any chance I could be on the waitlist in this case? I heard Chicago doesn't waitlist candidates before, but I am just holding onto this little hope still.
  9. Ugh I see some posts about University of Chicago results on the survey, but I haven't received any email from them after submitting the application! What is happening? End this nightmare quick if you are not going to accept me, Chicago... I am like swimming in the pool of false hope now, though I know it's too late for the congratulations email.
  10. Good luck on other schools! I am happy that I got some offers from masters program at least after being rejected for phd programs. I will have to wait for fellowships before I decide too, but I am really looking forward to CIR's offer Wish you have a wonderful day!
  11. Thanks! I wish I could just have a clean and nice closure soon Are you going to attend CIR then?
  12. Go check out the Government Affairs topic! They have threads for each school, including the ones you mentioned. You will have more information about those programs there
  13. Hey for those who received a CIR admission with full/partial tuition waiver offers, did anything change on the application portal at all? I see a new application for "2019, Master's Degree, International Relations" that has two options when opening it: 2019 & 2019 fellowships. I didn't receive any email from the department yet, but would this mean I got accepted to CIR? I didn't even know I would be obsessed with small details and overthink this often before I started my PhD application
  14. Oh that's reassuring to hear. I wish to see you all in San Diego
  15. I also received the "nominated for admission" message for MIA program a few days ago. I am really surprised that I heard back from them so early! It's only been like 2 weeks since I applied. I applied to the MIA program after being rejected from the PhD program in political science on February 11. The graduate coordinator contacted me to apply to the MIA program instead, so I took my chance! Little did I know that GPS might be a better fit for me than a PhD program in political science. The curriculum seems amazing, as well as the job prospect and faculty members. My only concern is money
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