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  1. Hope to see you there!
  2. You're welcome! Are you planning to take it?
  3. I found the wording in the email a bit confusing too so I emailed the Admissions Director.She said that it covers just the tuition (international students tuition and school fees) + health insurance. I didn't get any stipend.
  4. I got a full tuition scholarship at another school and Georgetown cannot match the offer. The Director of Admissions got back to me and she said that they can only offer a partial tuition waiver. Money is a major deciding factor for me so for that reason alone, I am turning it down.
  5. Are you still on the waitlist for MSFS? I am turning my offer down. Hope you get it! Georgetown is a wonderful school. Good luck!
  6. Which department/school in NYU did your friend get into? I got into NYU GSAS for MA in IR but got no funding. I got a full tuition scholarship from UCSD for MIA program so I used that to in hoping to negotiate some form of funding from NYU. The Director of the program replied to my email and mentioned that funding is currently unavailable for 1st year students and given only to selected 2nd year students.
  7. Congratulations! I have the same questions too.
  8. Thank you! My GRE scores were very low - 143 Q and 154 V, but I made sure that my recommenders mention my quantitative work experiences in the LORs so that seemed to have worked for me. 3.63 GPA, 3 years of work experience in anti-human trafficking organisations in Southeast Asia and as a Policy Analyst at a Parliamentarian's Office. I had an interview on Feb 7th where I was told that I will need to attend Match Camp before Fall classes start. Received an email on MArch 9th stating that the Admissions Committee hae elected to fully fund 2 years of my study and that official letter will be released this week.
  9. Thank you for the response! Literally everyone I have talked to about this have advised me to follow the money. I didn't even realise how much I want to go to SFS until I find myself in this position. Would you, by any chance, have any idea where I can intern during semesters in San Diego? I have a solid background in human rights arena but I wanna focus on foreign policies of countries in the Asia-Pacific region in grad school. Also, are you planning to take SFS's offer despite no funding?
  10. Received an email for the Admission Director regarding a full funding for the MIA program! I am so happy!
  11. I received an email from the Director of Admissions of my acceptance into the MSFS program! I could not contain my excitement until I got to the part where they did not select me to receive scholarships from the school or the program. It is my dream school and I really, really want to go there. But the thought of having to pay back all that loan for the next 20 years is killing me. UCSD offered me a full tuition + fee waiver for the MIA program. I might take this but I am also concerned about its location and the alumni network. I am an international student from a developing country so SFS might be able to open more work opportunities for me than UCSD in the States or at international institutions. I'm so confused!
  12. Really silly question but what does POI stand for?
  13. Thank you! I emailed the admissions assistant with whom I was in touch with. Also, I noticed you applied to most of the schools I've applied to! I don't know why I didn't apply t o SAIS...they seem to have more funding than other schools in DC.
  14. I got into both schools too. No word on funding from Elliot school and waiting for funding from SIS too. Following this thread cause I have the same concerns too.
  15. Hi! I've applied to GWU Elliot School's MA in International Affairs. Two days ago, I received an email from a Professor congratulating me on my acceptance and also told me to expect a "formal acceptance letter as well as fellowship information". I got the official decision letter today but no information on funding. Should I be expecting a separate funding decision? Also, I'm an international student, in case that matters in terms of funding.
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