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  1. I received an email from GW that said to make the deposit by 11:59 PM (ET) Monday, April 15, 2019. So in other works, I have till the evening of Monday night to make a decision and act on it or I loose fellowship money.
  2. I am currently deciding between two schools (SAIS and GW). Has anyone put down a tuition deposit for two schools? Did the other schools end up finding out (via through the US Department of Education database system) ? GW wants to know by April 15 (due to fellowship; extension denied) and SAIS by April 20. GW is giving me $$ while SAIS is giving me $. Worst case scenario if I got to SAIS, I am out $500 with GW.
  3. I was able to neg with GWU, but I think its because I am doing the mid-career MIPP and they need people ... Ugh ... I was accepted to SAIS ($$) and I am leaning more towards them. So I see your profile that you got a full ride to Stanford ...Congrats !!!
  4. I attended the GWU Elliott Open House on Friday - It was really helpful and provided great direction for me. I have the SAIS Open House this coming week … After that I will make a decision really fast since GWU (fellowship wise) wants me to make a decision by April 15.
  5. Anyone here appealing their fellowship amount for the Elliott school ?
  6. Is SAIS giving you some funding like UT is doing ?
  7. Honestly - Its not worth it in today's society, especially with the high debt in which most folks have after school. I don't know what your parents background is or wealth nest status is, but talk to them and tell them what you feel. Maybe ya'll can work out a plan to where you and your parents feel great in moving forward. My advice is work for a few years and then potentially apply later on down the road and get scholarship money then and/or use the tuition assistance program that your company might have. There are a ton of other IR programs (and online) out there that do not eat up your wallet !!
  8. "Isn't SAIS ranked 3rd for Masters?" Yes - they are ranked number 3 in overall IR public policy. If you asking about energy policy, you will have to ask someone else since that is not my expertise.
  9. Did you end up applying for the MAGP Program ?
  10. In comparing HKS and LKY, you would have to ask a current or former student on the board. If I had to compare the programs, I would do that by their concentrations. Each school has their own "nitch". What are you trying to concentrate in ? As far as brand recognition outside the USA, I know Hopkins is well know outside the USA, especially its medicine area. Here are the rankings that I have been using: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Inside_the_Ivory_Tower
  11. I live in Arlington, VA and I notice rent going up even more since Amazon will moving here ... Its been the talk of the town with our local city council members.
  12. I got into both the SAIS MIPP and Elliott MIPP with funding. I am waiting to hear back from the AU MIS (online), and I am hoping they give me a great funding package. For there I will be making a decision very soon. My advice is to figure out your budget and do the pros vs. cons of each program.
  13. Thanks ! I submitted my SAIS application in mid Oct.
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