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  1. Hi all, I just got a response from Adcom. The results would start coming out from next week till end of May. I was also advised to seriously consider my other offers as I had mentioned deadlines for other offers in my email to them. So I guess LKY is aware of the conflict with our Universities' admit dates and don't seem to care about it! Anyways wishing everyone best of luck for the results next week!
  2. This is so confusing! A date range from April to June and even batch-wise results is so confusing. I wonder if previous applicants would have given some feedback to LKY on the same.
  3. @bness2002: any comments?
  4. Thanks for sharing the details and the link! Isn't SAIS ranked 3rd for Masters? I am looking at the Energy stream and the challenge is that Johns Hopkins is well known globally for medicine but I am not sure about policy. Also, I am an Indian citizen, so no funding means that I have a big debt to pay back at the end of the program which I feel makes me limit my post program choices!
  5. Thanks for your reply. Is it possible to compare this program to the MPP programs at HKS and LKY? To me the most appealing part about SAIS is the short duration of the program and off course the location in DC. But, I have been told that outside the USA the brand recognition is minimal, is that true? Also, where can I find the latest rankings of all Universities/ colleges for public policy?
  6. Yes, early decision.
  7. Hi, I have an admit from the MIPP program at SAIS with negligible funding. I just wanted some feedback for the program. Is the program recognised, is there scope for a non-US citizen to get employment in the US post this program? Since it's a 9 month program, is the length of the program enough for one to learn? Feedback, advice and help here would be highly appreciated. PS: I am also awaiting results from the MPP program at HKS and LKY
  8. Hi everyone, is there still chance of getting interview calls for CPL fellowships or this week is reserved only for interviews?
  9. Nice, congratulations! Could you please share some details about the fellowship?
  10. Hi everyone, I wanted some help in comparing the MIPP at Johns Hopkins SAIS with the MPP at Harvard. Could someone help me with the pros and cons of both? Some things that I would like some help with are 1. Stature/ recognition of the institution 2. Costs 3. Post program placement opportunities 4. Learning
  11. Congratulations again and thank for the information! Which program did you apply to? I have applied for MIPP at DC.
  12. Hi, congratulations! Did you receive an email? Were you also given a deadline by which you have to confirm your admit?
  13. Hi, congratulations! Did you receive an email? Were you also given a deadline by which you have to confirm your admit?
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