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  1. This is all super helpful information, thanks everyone. Is it true that generally, second year tuition increases substantially? If so, does anyone know about how much? I am going to Georgetown, if that's helpful.
  2. For me, MSFS has always been the "perfect" fit. The classes are exactly aligned with my interests, I feel very "at home" on campus, the structure around workshops and concentrations really spoke to me. I was really torn between MSFS and HKS because while HKS's MPP is very different, I felt like since I already have a job lined up after graduation (per my fellowship), it would be useful to get a more diverse experience -- plus, it's Harvard! SSP was lower on my list because it seemed better suited for people who want to work at 3 letter agencies or be very security-focused (as the name imp
  3. Just checked the HKS page and got the WWS email; WL'd at Harvard, rejected from WWS. Thinking I'll be leaning towards Georgetown MSFS! Congrats to everyone here who got in, you all deserve the best Applied: MIA (SIPA), MPP (HKS), MSFS (Georgetown), SSP (Georgetown), MPP (WWS), MA (SAIS) Admitted: SAIS ($$$), SIPA ($$$$), SSP ($$$$), MSFS ($$$$) Waitlisted: HKS Rejected: WWS Final Decision:
  5. I'm a R/P Fellow, and a few applicants in my cohort got e-mails, but not all, which I thought was interesting.
  6. Me refreshing the blog, my admissions page, my email, and the Twitter every 8 seconds after 11:00
  7. Maybe this is a silly question, but what is a normal/"appropriate" amount of debt? My napkin math says that even with fully-funded tuition and a decent housing stipend, I'll still need about $13,000 a year to live on in a major city. Is ~$30,000 an "ok" amount of debt?
  8. Me, too.
  9. Accepted to MIA, 79k funding -- congrats everybody!
  10. Nope! I am MPP.
  11. I have one now too, also last name R.
  12. Would someone mind linking me to the results thread people keep talking about? I'm having a hard time finding it.
  13. My application still says "submitted" as the status. No confirmation from me.
  14. For some reason, I have written in my planner "tentative" March 14th for SIPA, but have no idea where I would've gotten that information. I'm also an MIA, not MPA, if that's helpful, but again, no real reason.
  15. Hi guys, also an MPP candidate. No text change for me, and also no counselor assigned on MYFAID. I don't think it's a sign, though
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