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  1. @chocolatecheesecake Thanks so much - this is exactly what I was looking for.
  2. Hey all, just some general questions on how to approach funding negotiation. Who exactly do we email - the office of financial aid, the admissions team of our program, etc? Do we need to show proof of counter offers? Should we do it as soon as possible, or does it not matter? Any tips on how to word the email or formulate our request? Thanks!
  3. Thanks for all the measured and helpful responses, folks. I really appreciate the advice from each of you. ExponentialDecay, I'm wondering how someone could not be built for a career in IR, or what would place them at a disadvantage (outside of the extreme debt that you mentioned). Barring the chance that I am in fact a functional idiot, I feel fairly qualified: I have a fancy UG degree, speak three languages, have spent time abroad and in DC for work. What do you think sets one person up for success in IR, compared to others? Thanks for the time.
  4. Hey folks, Really excited about pursuing graduate study, but as results are coming in, I am concerned about lack of funding. Is it absolutely crazy to take on so much debt for a Masters? I can't seem to find a job in IR without a degree, and it's the move all my peers are making - on the other hand, people older and wiser than me are telling me to avoid it at all costs. Any and all advice appreciated! Thanks.
  5. Hi all- Would anyone like to swap and critique SOPs for international relations programs with me? Thanks!
  6. Does anyone have any suggestions for the Pickering's main essay? Should it be significantly different from grad school personal statements? To what extent should we explicitly identify the 13 dimensions? Any advice at all would be appreciated!
  7. I'm interested in their general MSFS program and one of their regional studies programs. Their FAQ mentions applying to dual degree programs, but I don't think this is the same case. Does anyone have any insight?
  8. That's interesting to hear. Any insight on SIPA and Fletcher?
  9. Hi all, A few of the Masters programs in IR that I plan to apply to have early admission options. Is there any benefit to hustling to turn in the application two months earlier than necessary? Will it have an impact on financial aid? Thanks!
  10. Hey all! Anyone going to Central Asia? Also, is there a facebook group for our cohort?
  11. Hey all, I am wondering if anyone has any thoughts on the value of specializing - as in pursuing a degree in area studies - versus pursuing a more general MPA/MIA degree. From my end, I'm currently narrowing down my list of schools to apply to for next year. While I will definitely be applying to certain schools, like Georgetown and Columbia, I can't decide which type of degree I should pursue. Since I study Russia, I don't think it would be a bad option to specialize, especially given recent events in the region and subsequent changes in foreign policy. This type of program would
  12. Hey all, I'm a recent grad hurriedly trying to plan for next year, and was wondering if anyone had any advice for me. I'm planning on applying to a few MIA/MPA programs for next fall. I've also been considering applying for a few one-year fellowships, such as Fulbright and Princeton in Asia. Does it make any sense at all to do this? I'd like to try my hand at the fellowships, but if I ended up receiving one, I'd have to defer enrollment - not a guarantee - and of course, wouldn't be able to include it as a credential on my actual applications. On the other hand, given the competitive natu
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