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  1. Anyone heard about interviews for CyberCoprs at Gtown SSP?
  2. It’s about $72k for the 40 credits degree
  3. Congratulations on your acceptance! However, I feel your pain on the lack of funding. Even if I get off the waitlist, chances are there won’t be any funding available neither.
  4. Waitlisted, which is surprising... Let's hope a spot opens up. Worse comes to worst, I still got admitted to GWU with 40% funding.
  5. Apparently we’re supposed to hear back today.
  6. I believe OPM has to “give approval” when you send them your job offer. Cyber security is so vague that you can be doing anything from SOC threat analysis to policy. I would guess as long as you don’t have to bend the job duties to make your point, you should be good. What do you do in cyber? PM if you want to discuss more...
  7. I did for Georgetown. I am currently working in cyber with some other Cyberfellows from other schools and they really like it. Seems to be an amazing program.
  8. Congratulations! What specialization are you interested in? I am still waiting, hopefully I'll hear from her soon... Did you apply to external fellowships?
  9. Congratulations! Good for you! I’m still waiting to hear from Jessica. Have you received any fellowship $$? When did you apply to the program? Regarding the two programs, it really depends what you are interested in. I’m in the Army with desire to work for the gov in security related fields so SSP is the best option for me. MSFS, seems to be more “generalist” in terms of curriculum.
  10. Wait, did you receive an offer of admission to SSP..?
  11. Do you have any background in the military/IC? What are you interested in? Do you have a clearance?
  12. I called Jessica last week, she didn't mention anything about people that have already received a decision.
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