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  1. Thanks for the insights. Faculty of SSP definitely does not look as impressive as the one of MSFS. Hope I will find out more next month at the open house.
  2. I think it's just the way Georgetown sets up its application system. Waiting till the week of March 19 usually means no. Thankfully it is not one of my top choices. But thanks for the information!
  3. Yep I can see people saying that about SSP. Thanks for the insights!
  4. Yeah have the same question here. SAIS should be a better choice if the career caters to more quant work.
  5. Congrats! A quick question - how do you decide between SSP and MSFS? I am torn between those two.
  6. Thanks that's helpful. Any other impressions you got with SSP open house?
  7. Thanks! No fellowship news so far. I am waiting on that too. I applied with the general deadline January 15. Good luck!
  8. I find many other in the same situation. That’s how they trick you to pay the deposit and admissions really could not give a damn as long as you pay the money. SIPA has the highest deposit, 1k if I remember correctly.
  9. Yeah no problem. I wish it was that easy. I had to pay deposit to both SIPA and Elliott last year after submitting the scholarship appeals to keep my place, which is 1500 in total. A very bad decision in retrospect but lesson learned!
  10. I did. I received an email from Jessica followed by an official notice from the Admission on the portal at the beginning of March. They seem to be releaseing results bunch by bunch.
  11. So generally schools don't accept appeals after the final response deadline is passed, meaning you will have to pay the deposit of schools you want to negotiate first. Those fee range from $500 to $1000 so it is quite a commitment. For appeals, you write a letter explaining the financial situation and attach offers from other schools (especially those that come with scholarship) to negotiate, stating that from all those offers you have, this school you are appealing to is the top choice. I have successfully appealed to Elliott last year who added on $12k scholarship, but was still not enough f
  12. Did you get an email prior to checking the website? I applied to MS-DSPP too but my application portal has not shown any decisions. Called in and said it will be up in the next few weeks. Don't know if that means I am rejected.
  13. Hi everyone, Quick question about the two programs that Georgetown University School of Foreign Service has, the Security Studies Program and the Master of Science in Foreign Service. Does anyone know if one is better than the other in terms of acceptance rate, job prospects and earnings, academic, etc? I saw online that MSFS acceptance rate is 30-40% while SSP is 20-25%. Don't know if that makes much of a difference. Also, two programs seem to have different focus, one more qualitative and the other more quantitative. Would appreciate if someone could shed some light on this as I am tryi
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