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  1. I loved how personalized the SSP process was. Payton Tanner, then-Assistant Director of Admissions, was super friendly and answered my many application questions so many times. She made it very apparent that the program is a tight-knit community--and she was right. Beyond that, SSP seemed to have more practical and hands-on classes that directly prepared folks to work in national or international security. I ended up getting into cyber threat analysis, and took some amazing classes within the Tech & Security concentration. SAIS is an amazing program too, but SSP was the right fit fo
  2. Hey folks--2018 SSP admit here. SSP admits who receive scholarships receive informal offers early. I received a small scholarship, so I got a phone call on (Monday) 3/12/18 at around 12pm EST from the Director of Admissions. I received my official acceptance on (Friday) 3/16/18 at around 5pm EST. That said, just because you didn't receive the informal acceptance yet doesn't mean an official acceptance isn't coming! Still very much a possibility. SSP (and all of SFS, for that matter) has limited funding for scholarships.
  3. Hi! I'm headed to SSP after applying to both programs, and I'm really glad that I chose it. I didn't realize when I was applying that MSFS has law school-esque curves in all their classes, so the students tend to be more competitive. Also, MSFS curriculum is designed so that everyone is a full-time student, whereas SSP students often have part-time internships or research positions. For my personal pursuits (intelligence and security analysis), this turned out to be the perfect program-- even though I have 0 military experience coming in.
  4. Hi, I can confirm. Jessica called me Monday at around 10:00 AM PST to let me know that I've been admitted with funding, and will get an official decision letter saying so today (Friday) by 5 PM.
  5. I'm also curious. I'm very heavily leaning towards SSP, but I also worry that it might not have as much name recognition as SAIS.
  6. Program Applied To: MIR/MIA Schools Applied To: Elliott, SIPA, SAIS, Walsh MSFS, Walsh SSP Schools Admitted To: Elliott ($), SAIS, (0), Walsh SSP (?) Schools Rejected From: SIPA Schools Waitlisted From: Walsh MSFS Still Waiting: N/A Undergraduate institution: USC (#21 in US) Undergraduate GPA: 3.72 Last 60 hours of Undergraduate GPA (if applicable): approx. 3.8 Undergraduate Major: International Relations, concentrations: foreign policy analysis, European regional relations GRE Quantitative Score: 162 GRE Verbal Score: 157 GRE AW Score: 5.0 Years Out of Undergrad (if applicable):
  7. Thank you! I'm specializing in international security. I haven't applied to external fellowships, but I'm going to look into which ones are still open once I find out what my funding looks like. I can't wait until I get the official email on Friday!
  8. I just got a phone call from Jessica today telling me that I'd receive an official email admission to SSP with funding on Friday! I couldn't be happier! I was waitlisted at MSFS, but I prefer SSP anyways. In my personal experience, they were far kinder and open during the application process.
  9. Hi! I'd love some input while I wait for decisions. I really don't know what my chances are. Thus far I've been accepted to Elliott, and deferred from SAIS EA to regular admissions. Program: Master's in IR Schools Applying To: Georgetown Walsh SFS, Georgetown Walsh SSP, Johns Hopkins SAIS, Columbia SIPA, GW Elliott Interests: Security studies, conflict management, etc. Especially cases with colonial histories. Undergrad Institution: University of Southern California. Studied abroad at Sciences Po Paris for 5 months Undergraduate GPA: 3.72 overall / 3.9 major U
  10. Mine was "Tell us something that makes you excited and happy." I loved it! I got to talk about my dad's immigration story, and seeing life in the US through his eyes.
  11. I believe I saw somewhere on the website that we'd hear back on April 1st.
  12. Does anyone know when SIPA is sending out fellowship decisions (not early admit)?
  13. Yes, I applied to two programs this cycle. It's a bit of a pain-- you have to create a new account and submit a new, separate application. I applied to MSFS and to SSP, which are related but distinct enough.
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