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  1. I plan to apply to the MSFS program at Georgetown for Fall 2019 as well as a few other international relations programs. My long term goals include a career in the counterterrorism field. I'm interested in the University of Maryland's Graduate Certificate in Terrorism Analysis and I'm wondering if you all think it would have any affect on my chances of getting into grad school. Would it help pad my application or are certificates largely irrelevant to admissions committees? what about for scholarship prospects? For what it's worth, the certificate program is only one year long (2 semesters and
  2. It seems like the academic rigor of the MSFS is higher though with the economics prerequisites and language requirements. Plus, it is more well known. I am interested in Arab Studies, but don't want to back myself into a corner with it so he MA in Arab Studies it a little too specific for me. I wish the MSFS was offered part time.
  3. I’m trying to decide whether to pursue the MSFS or SSP at Georgetown. I’m also interested in the graduate certificate in Arab Studies. My main career goal is to be an intelligence analyst in the counterterrorism field but I’m very interested in politics and international affairs overall. I’ve read that MSFS is the “golden child” program at SFS and I’m worried that the SSP doesn’t measure up to it. I think I am more attracted to the rigor and faculty of the MSFS, but it concerns me that the program is only offered full time (whereas SSP is offered part time). I will barely be able to afford Geo
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