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  1. SIPA Early Application Thread

    @Tk2356 FAFSA isn't necessary for merit-based aid ( I don't think) but it's definitely necessary for any need-based aid. I'm also fairly certain it's required. It doesn't take super long to fill out, so I highly recommend you submit it if you can!
  2. SIPA Early Application Thread

    Hey there. I am by no means an expert, but I'm fairly certain that answering "no" will only exclude you from receiving fellowship funding. You'll still be eligible to receive scholarships and other need-based and merit-based aid as long as you submitted your FAFSA.
  3. SIPA Early Application Thread

    Most fellowships and financial aid decisions have not been made yet, per the emails they've sent and conversations with admissions/financial aid folks at SIPA. We will all hear officially mid-March. I'm going to save any negotiating until then
  4. SIPA Early Application Thread

    Thank you again for a very thoughtful response! I've read some of the articles on The Morningside Post and it seems like being a TA can be pretty stressful and time-consuming, whereas a program assistantship is less so and the work itself has the potential to take less mental bandwidth. Though the $$$ is double so that's a big consideration. Can you share anything about the experiences of folks you know who have been TAs vs Program Assistants? As for the commute, I do worry about the FOMO, but I'm also pretty lucky to have a close friend currently in the MPH program who lives in Morningside Heights. Hopefully, her place can be my "home base" for days when I want to do all the social events. How was it finding your niche at SIPA? Was the first semester filled with as much social anxiety as most folks' first semester of undergrad? I'd hope that people would have more in common considering they're all there to study something similar, but who knows! The fact that career services are terrible is disappointing but also not that surprising. Career services at my undergrad also offered zero assistance in helping me find internships or jobs. It's nice to hear that the alumni network and classmates make up for it, though, as long as you're willing to put in the man-hours. As a domestic student who is also only interested in domestic policy work (advocacy in the nonprofit arena or in municipal government), I'd love to hear more about your experiences in the domestic policy area at SIPA- classes, professors, student clubs, etc. SIPA Admissions always has that whole "we do domestic policy too!" as part of their talking points, but I'd love to hear your take on how true that really is, whether it could be a deterrent. Again, thank you so much for your input! It is incredibly helpful.
  5. NYU Wagner 2018

    @aaprabhakar I don't think there's any reason to get in touch with them again. Admissions will reach out to you if there is any part of your app that's missing or they have questions on. They likely have several thousand apps to go through before March, and you never know whether yours will be one of the first or the last! Try not to panic
  6. SIPA Early Application Thread

    Thanks so much for the response! It's actually a huge relief to hear that maintaining a part-time job is feasible. I have housing sorted out (family in NYC) so as long as I can pay for the basic cost of living stuff month to month, then I'm ok with paying back a chunk of student debt later on. Taking out a private loan to deal with cost of living would suck big time haha. It also seems from your other responses that vying for those second-year assistantships/fellowships for $$$ isn't necessarily worth straining myself for - time might better be spent working to help pay for school and make some connections rather than bending over backward for straight A's. Speaking of housing- do many students live outside of Manhattan? I'll definitely be in Queens, but I wonder if I'll be missing out at all not living close to campus. The commute doesn't bother me much but if I'd be out of the loop from my classmates it might sway me to try to find something closer given I can afford it. Oooh, also, what are the career services like? Did SIPA make a difference in helping you secure your new job? Help you find your summer internship?
  7. SIPA Video Response

    Mine was "How do you handle multi-tasking?" I bumbled through something about how it's required in my field and legit ended with an "ummmm.....yeah." when I saw I was out of time. Nevertheless, I got in EA! So don't worry too much guys.
  8. SIPA Early Application Thread

    Hey, thanks for offering to answer some questions! First, would you say there's time to keep a modest part-time job while balancing classes and study time? Do you know anyone who did? I have the opportunity to continue my current job part-time and remotely, but I'm not sure what to expect with the first semesters. What's the vibe amongst classmates? Is there a sense of camaraderie, where folks make an effort to spend time together in and out of the classroom? I imagine this can be somewhat subjective, but I'm curious whether you felt like most or many folks connected with other students, or were there mainly for the academics and the degree. When it comes to time out of the classroom- are most folks doing research? Interning? Joining clubs? Some variation?
  9. Importance of LoR writer's designation

    So I actually got a LOR from my direct supervisor who knows me very well and our CEO who I work with as well, and directly, but in a very different capacity. For all my schools that required 3 recs, I sent both of those plus one from an old professor. But for the schools that only wanted two, I stuck with my direct supervisor and the professor. The person who knows you best will pretty much always write you the best, most sincere letter.
  10. SIPA Early Application Thread

    Hey there! I also did not have a letter on funding. I suspect that outside of the lucky few who were offered fellowships/scholarships up front, we'll have to wait to hear once they release the rest of the admissions decisions in March.
  11. SIPA Early Application Thread

    I'm in with no word on $$$! Still really happy since this is my first choice
  12. SIPA Early Application Thread

    Oh god. That "before the New Year" kills me. Really hoping it happens this week so we can all relax for awhile before decision season really begins! Is the "Don't forget to check your Application Checklist for any missing materials" thing at the top of the Status pg new? I think it might be, but I'm also slowly going insane at this point so it's entirely possible I'm wrong.
  13. SIPA Early Application Thread

    That's exciting! Hopefully, haha. Was it to clear up something logistical? I died a little when I got that "Happy New Year" email from them a couple days ago.
  14. Princeton WWS App Q's

    No problemo! I didn't find the blog post until basically the last minute (while searching for anything I could find on the Policy Memo) and I figured I would share since it was so different than what I was expecting. Now we wait
  15. Princeton WWS App Q's

    My checklist doesn't have anything actually checked off, though it does have dates of receipt next to everything I submitted. It also says at the top that it could take 5-7 business days to show up, so I wouldn't be too worried! Maybe check back in with the admissions team next week if nothing changes.