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  1. I suspect that it'd be just that- they pay off whatever needs to be paid of for your tuition and then the school sends you a check for whatever is left. That's how all the federal support works, but a specific fellowship might be different!
  2. I heard on Wednesday! My total offer was originally $24k total, but SIPA actually ended up nearly doubling it to $44k total. So don't lose hope y'all!
  3. Hey guys, added all the appropriate info to the google doc, but just wanted to put it out there that Columbia SIPA ended up increasing my scholarship offer by nearly half even though I didn't have funding offers from other schools. For all my future SIPA-hopefuls reading this, it is 100% worth the time to fill out the request for additional funding! I honestly didn't think I had a leg to stand on, but they've been more generous this year (with me, and other folks I've talked to on this forum and at Admitted Students Day) than in the past.
  4. They gave me $24k for the two years, which was in itself a big surprise because they notoriously give out very little aid. If finances are a concern for you, I'd reassess your list to some degree. Like I said- SIPA isn't known for giving much aid, though that shouldn't prevent you from applying because you never know. NYU gives basically nothing- we're talking not a single person on this forum or folks I know personally who received $$$ this year. But you can go part-time while working full time, so it makes it a little more feasible. If you plan to stay in the NYC area, CUNY Baruch has a
  5. Hey @marid I came from a similar professional background to you! I also worked at a nonprofit that provides community-based services for people with mental health conditions in my state, and recently accepted my offer for Columbia SIPA so that I can eventually advocate for the same population in a variety of policy areas. It sounds like your academics, internships, and work experience are all very solid. The biggest question I'm wondering, and that I imagine the admissions folks would also wonder, is why go back to school for an MPA when you already have a degree in public administration
  6. Hey there~ I went to ASD yesterday and loved it! I sat in on the talks for USP (Urban Social Policy Concentration), the panel discussing the Management, Women, and Tech Media & Communications specializations, and the one discussing the regional specializations. The USP concentration talk was really great. I got the sense that there's a lot of camaraderie and inclusiveness within the cohort, and there's a ton of flexibility in what classes you can take and not a lot of requirements. The acting director made a point to say that people in this concentration were very likely to find a job they
  7. Program Applied To: MPA/MPPSchools Applied To: HKS, SIPA, Wagner, WWSSchools Admitted To: SIPA ($), Wagner Schools Rejected From: HKS, WWSUndergraduate institution: BUUndergraduate GPA: 3.46Undergraduate Major: PsychologyGRE Quantitative Score: 159GRE Verbal Score: 169GRE AW Score: 5.5Years Out of Undergrad (if applicable): 4.5Years of Work Experience: 4.5 Describe Relevant Work Experience: 2 Years P/T neoropsych research on Autism and other disabilities as an undergraduate; summer internship in children's psychiatric ward and 9-month internship at a hospital school in London
  8. @Tk2356 Congrats, man!! I'll see you at the end of August, then. My impression (from talking to alums/perusing career sources) is more that a greater number NYU grads want to go into municipal government than those at SIPA, therefore a greater proportion achieve that goal. SIPA has many many more folks going into international work or the private sector, neither of which NYU is especially strong in- at least compared to Columbia. It also seems like the sectors of municipal govt grads go into vary significantly between the schools. NYU has a little bit of everyone everywhere, largely star
  9. Hey there! I was also deciding between Wagner and SIPA (and chose SIPA, for a whole bunch of reasons pretty specific to my situation/interests). Would you go to NYU full-time? NYU is a little less expensive than SIPA but the prospect of working while in school to at least cover cost of living- so you don't have to take out loans for it- was very enticing for me. If we're talking american education policy, my gut reaction is that NYU is the better deal. I've talked to alums there and they all agree that NYU is THE place to go if you're committed to working in the nonprofit world and/or mu
  10. I would strongly recommend taking an econometrics or stats course! I took econ through Erie Community College online and it was both a cake-walk and definitely significantly contributed to my getting into my top school (SIPA). I had actually talked with a couple admissions reps from SIPA beforehand and they expressed that despite getting 159 on the quant section, because I didn't have a strong history of coursework for economics, I should take a class if I can. It's kind of costly (~$1k if I remember correctly), but can be worth it!
  11. A one-way amtrak leaving at 9 or 10 pm would run you ~50 if you book soon and it is HIGHLY preferable to taking the bus. You never know what will happen as far as busses go, but amtrak is comfortable and usually on time (unless there is pre-announced delays).
  12. No worries! If you're based on the East Coast now, you should try to visit SIPA too in the next few weeks (if you haven't already been there). Even though I've already made my decision, I'm actually really looking forward to my the Admitted Students Day as a chance to be on campus now knowing that I can actually attend. If you're seriously considering doing NYC in the long-run anyways, I'd go for SIPA. That's at least how I'm thinking about it- better to make friends, lay down roots, and do internships in the city where I'm planning to stay. The thought of going to Cali or London for a c
  13. Hey there, congratulations! Columbia and Harvard are both incredible schools, and while no one can tell you which will be the perfect fit, here are some recommendations on comparison points from a lifelong compulsive list-maker: 1. What type of job in what field (i.e. nonprofit, municipal govt, NGO, etc.) would you want after graduating? What are the stats like for each school in terms of how many students go into that area? Be sure to also look at the average salary they report. 2. Classes and professors that interest you from both schools. Are there more from one school than
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