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  1. My GRE score translates to roughly 610 on the GMAT... meaning I would be competitive for Baruch/Fordham/DePaul but not the top programs. That, combined with how much more interesting the MPA/MIA/MPP courses seem, means the prospect of an MBA doesn't excite me. Even if it could lead to better prospects!
  2. I'm applying to MPA/MPA programs, not business school -- sorry for the mix-up. I considered Yale Jackson, but their extreme selectivity combined with the location turned me off. Any advice on SIPA, Wagner, or Harris (with the above considerations in mind) would really help clear up some questions for me. Thanks again.
  3. Sent, @SIPA_MPA18. Thanks again for reaching out. @Concordia, I don't think I have the academic record to make it into such a small, elite program. 3.65 GPA with only quant being intro to micro (A+) and expecting 156-159 on both GRE sections.
  4. I'm switching careers from the military to nonprofit management, and am hoping for advice from this community regarding school value with this end goal in mind. Due to my spouse's job options, I'm only applying to programs in NYC and Chicago, and would like to apply early action to begin planning the overseas move and allow more time for my spouse to job hunt. After the GI Bill/Yellow Ribbon funds, Chicago Harris and NYU Wagner would be free while SIPA would cost approximately 30-35k out of pocket. Is SIPA's reputation worth the extra money when their job placement in nonprofits seems on par with Wagner? Harris seems to be more highly regarded than Wagner, but does Wagner's nonprofit emphasis negate that here? I'll be drilling with the Reserves over the summer, so my only chance to gain experience in the sector will be during the school year. It sounds as though this would be easiest at Wagner. I'll be 31 when beginning the program, if that makes a difference, and would prefer to work in an internationally-focused NGO. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  5. Program/Institution: (All MPA/MPPs) SIPA, NYU Wagner, UC-Harris, Georgetown, Fletcher, GWU Interests: International Dev/Public Policy/Global Security Undergrad Institution: Large public university Undergraduate Major: B.A. in International Relations/Russian Undergraduate Minor: Aerospace Studies Undergraduate GPA: 3.65 Quantitative Courses: None! GRE: Prepping, will take this Autumn Age: 30 Years of Work Experience: 7 years as a military Intelligence Officer, main role being an analyst (some Special Ops experience) and long-term planner (incorporating Intel equities into Air Force policy and plans) with a focus on West and East Africa. One deployment to Djibouti, still maintain an active security clearance Languages: Native English, advanced French, intermediate Russian LORs: Two bosses and one Russian professor Concerns: How to compensate for the weak quant? I'll be applying for 2018 enrollment; will it suffice to have only taken micro by the application date yet be enrolled in macro or stats? Or should I focus on finishing two courses at the expense of GRE prep? Also, assuming I score around the 70-75th percentile on the GRE, are SIPA/Harris/Fletcher/Georgetown feasible or should I lower the sights due to the weaker quant? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!