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  1. @JWSS I think that the number of schools you apply to should depend on what you want. If you’re intent on incurring the least amount of debt, I would cast a wide net. It also depends on how much time you care to devote to the process. Many people don’t have the time (or money) to apply to ten schools, so they zero in on their top 4-5. If you are on the fence about applying to MBAs, and have the time, I would seriously consider applying to those which will give you a joint degree. All I know about Yale Jackson is that it’s a smaller program and greatly values experience. I would be surprised if
  2. @JWSS With your languages, peace corps experience, econ major and high GRE, and assuming you write stellar essays, I would be surprised if you aren’t accepted everywhere..except maybe WWS (which is always a crapshoot). With this in mind, here’s what I would advise: - you’re slightly under the average age of a few of the top programs (HKS, WWS, SIPA), so I would emphasize any leadership experience you have had. - think long and hard about who to ask for LORs, and work with them to align with your essays. - look up specific details of each program and highlight how they could he
  3. Hi @jxw, I would like to specialize in Advanced Economic Analysis, but have a nearly nonexistent quant background (just intro to micro) to my name and am worried about getting in over my head. Did you get the impression that, with the necessary time and effort input, students like myself could succeed in the specialization? Or is it designed for those who already have a solid quant base? Gaining practical quant skills is a major goal of mine while at SIPA, but I don’t want to risk a low GPA/losing my scholarship if no amount of effort in the advanced micro/macro courses can overcome
  4. That’s really good to hear. I was accepted into EPD, but have been leaning more and more towards switching to Urban Policy for the flexibility and desire to remain in NYC post-graduation. The more intimidate feel of TMaC also sounds very appealing...thanks for the feedback!
  5. Can any attendees pass on their thoughts of the day’s events? Any details regarding specific concentration/specialization impressions would be greatly appreciated!
  6. Hi @yellina122! Is it your impression that Wagner has better results than SIPA in placing grads in NYC government positions and NYC- based nonprofits in general? Or just those related to education policy? I just submitted my deposit for SIPA, by the way, so just asking out of curiosity Thanks again for the previous advice!!
  7. I’ve been a military analyst for eight years, and can only think of one civilian who didn’t get his start in the military. It’s possible, but just know that the deck will be stacked against you when trying to break into the field. You’ll be applying for positions against people with veterans preference and/or an already active security clearance. I would definitely think twice before paying for that masters degree. Those programs are used by military members to check the box for their masters degree, and aren’t highly respected in the community as a result of that. I’m sure you already know al
  8. Hi @ExponentialDecay, where do SIPA grads fall on this multilaterals spectrum for you?
  9. I believe they chop the incoming class into 4 groups of 50ish, with whom you’ll take the core courses. It sounds like students really appreciate it as it allows you to really bond/get to know those other 50 people.
  10. @invincible49 I believe Matt mentioned it in one of the HKS Admission Blog posts. He said the Gandhi quote thing was one of his pet peeves... “I’d be admitting you — not Gandhi.” The single spacing comment came from the HKS admissions Twitter account. Basically, read the instructions thoroughly and follow them to the T. It will be appreciated I’m sure.
  11. Program Applied To: (MPA, MPP, IR, etc.): MPP/MPA Schools Applied To: HKS, SIPA, Harris, Wagner Schools Admitted To: All Undergraduate institution: Large state school in the Southwest Undergraduate GPA: 3.65 Undergraduate Major: Russian & International Relations GRE Quantitative Score: 160 GRE Verbal Score: 164 GRE AW Score: 4.5 Years Out of Undergrad (if applicable): 9 Years of Work Experience: 9 Describe Relevant Work Experience: Air Force Intel Officer, a lot of international experience Strength of SOP (be honest, describe the process, etc): I didn’t feel great about my cha
  12. @Damis It would go towards my tuition -- thankfully I'll receive a stipend covering basic living expenses. Where did you find out about those work opportunities in Cambridge?
  13. Wow — congrats!!!
  14. No aid, as expected. @datik, are you still thinking of accepting?
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