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  1. Hey. Is there any update from Aga Khan Scholarship as yet. It's dawning on me that now it's quite late and likely I won't hear bells of victory from this scholarship as well! Anyway, do keep me informed Thanks Ruchi
  2. Hi. I can give you a perspective. Albeit a bit late so wonder if you need it. Mpower financing will give you a loan at 11.99% fixed. This loan finally comes down to a discounted price of 10.49%. This is a fintech company and will offer nothing more than $50000 but also this amount shall include the interest payments to be made during the in school payment schedule. So kind of budget the in school payments The loan gets directly into the bursary accounts so you will have to knock at different doors in uni also if you wanted this money to be allocated for living expenses and cla
  3. Hi. I have got acceptances to one year program and two year program. Now that's great news for me and days of confusion deciding what is a better path - one year MPA-EPM or two year MPA. However the admit letter mentions that I would hear about aid in few days. Does that mean I wont get a heavy duty cut on the tuition? Congrats to all of you in this forum and look forward to interaction in coming days. Congrats to the ones who got a tuition waiver or scholarship
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