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  1. Have the results been announced as yet?
  2. Hey, although I dont know which school you are at, I went to one admit student day (Harris, UChicago) and they were the nicest people. You might not have a name tag ready for you but I am pretty sure they will be happy to accommodate you into the program.
  3. MPP or MPA?
  4. Hahaha, i love the size of the image
  5. Before the results guys, whatever the final outcome, it was nice to talk to everybody here and I wish each one of you the best of success going ahead. Thanks and good luck.
  6. Don't worry about it. Mine is the same too. I think you are for mpa/id as well?
  7. This post tomorrow (http://hksadmissionblog.tumblr.com/post/158081164348/2017-reading-and-decision-process-post-19) and admit post day after?
  8. It's 4:46am in the west coast and i am awake. Yup the suspense is real
  9. Looks like tomorrow will be the day!
  10. I reported it as spam as well. What if it wasn't?!
  11. Still the same for me too.
  12. My biggest factors would be- 1. funding 2. career prospects - faculty and alumni connections - where do you want to go after the program?
  13. Anybody know about the status for the international fellows program?
  14. Accepted with partial funding. There is a separate letter for funding in the same portal
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