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  1. The downside of HKS that everyone will tell you about is that they are very selective when it comes to funding. Since you have been chosen for a full ride, I don‘t see why you would choose WWS. Networks and job market look similarly good but name recognition swings significantly in Harvard‘s favor. Is there maybe someone among the faculty at either school you care about? That could make the decision easier perhaps. by the way: Congratulations! Winning CPL is huge!
  2. i wish you all a happy, healthy and successful life, no matter what your CV says in the end, Harvard or not, it doesn’t really matter for a good life. So, chins up, tomorrow will be a new day. Peace!
  3. See you tomorrow guys #NutellaNite
  4. Likewise!
  5. four hours thirtytwo minutes. I can't take it anymore. Gimme the 'sults!
  6. Since they skipped multiple posts this year and mostly only did the inevitable ones, my best guess is: results today. Four-five hours and we all will be the wiser.
  7. There isn't. It is a prognosis based on previous years' publication patterns (always second Wednesday in March, always one day after "admitted" posting, etc.)
  8. Results on Wednesday. I hope I am getting extrapoints from Matt for being the first to guess the release date right By the way, am I the only one to have nightmares about being rejected by accident? I mean, they are reading names and someone clicks on admitted, waitlisted or rejected. Imagine your name being read as #536 at 11 p.m. on a Friday. All it takes is someone to jump a line in the spreadsheet and someone else to be too tired to notice. How is that not a prototype for how to ruin someone's admission? Argh!!
  9. Waitlist posting tomorrow, some random filler on Monday, admitted posting on Tuesday and results on Wednesday
  10. I assume admissions and financial aid are working independently this year to speed up the process. I think Matt and his team decide who should be admitted and the financial aid compile a list of their own independently from the admissions crew. So, I decided not to be worried by changes to the status page.
  11. I stick with my March 14 prediction, even though folks got me all excited in the meantime for a release this week but after a day of contemplation, I stay with my earlier thesis. Matt likes structure and in the past years they regularly released on the second Wednesday of March. I listed some other points in an earlier post. They won‘t break their pattern. I’m putting my money down. March 14.
  12. Thank you for a place to vent! I am currently extremely swinging between moods. Last night, as I lay in my bed, I was convinced, absolutely convinced, I literally knew, that I was going to be rejected. Today, I am browsing housing options again, making my way from my amazing academic slash party loft to class, grabbing coffee at my go-to spot on the way and already tasting the morning bagel in my mouth. I need a xanax.
  13. That would be nice but I only believe it, when I see it.
  14. Wednesday, March 14. I'm telling you.
  15. My anxiety levels are skyrocketing. I caught myself browsing through Harvard housing pages and daydreaming about student life. Damn you, work me, we had an agreement!
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