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  1. Ugh, I feel your pain. It got so unbearable toward the end, getting my last rejection was more of a relief than it was a disappointment over not getting into any programs this year. Hang in there! There really is and end coming. Mine wasn't what I wanted, but it's all good still ?
  2. Thanks! Now I just have to keep reinforcing and internalizing the above points... Why are you looking to escape NYC?
  3. Hi, everybody. To update, this afternoon I received my final admissions decision: yet another rejection. Final tally: 0-for-4. I am not going to grad school this year. As I had hoped, the moment of serenity captured in this topic's initial post has surprisingly lasted. I feel more or less at peace with this outcome. It's not what I wanted, and it of course stings. But here's where I am finding hope, excitement, and motivation right now: I'm a damn good poet. (I don't need Iowa, NYU, Columbia, or Vanderbilt to validate this. I have publications for that! ) I love and look forward to continuing to write more damn good poetry. I am moving to NYC in a few months with my amazing girlfriend. I am now free to contact my career counselor and learn what amazing (and finally, fitting!) new opportunities are out there. I am now free to (somehow) earn a real paycheck! I have the incredible (if seriously daunting) opportunity to build an artistic network on my own terms, and not on an MFA's terms. I have generated some seriously good work in the last few weeks, which I am excited to see published (oh yeah, I'm calling it, right now!), and in next year's applications. So, that's where I am at the end of this application season. Is it where I wanted to be? Nope. Is it where I expected to be? Sorry to say, nope. But is it where I am, and where I am responsible for moving forward from? Yup. Not being admitted to any schools this year is not a failure on my part. To not accept and make the most of these circumstances, however; that would be a tremendous failure. Best of luck to everybody! If you fear the total rejection that I have found, may you in turn find peace and acceptance of your circumstances. If you are admitted, and will be attending school in the Fall: congratulations! Now leave this topic alone and stop wallowing in other people's misery!
  4. Hey, while we're at it... what's with NYU Creative Writing MFA finishing with acceptances like 2 weeks ago and not sending their rejection letters out??? I'm on the edge of my seat, waiting for my official 0/4 final tally for the year. I JUST WANT IT TO END.
  5. Amen. That's why I'm not calling my last school... don't want to incur WRATH.
  6. I turn 33 in a month. Have an MS in Chemistry, had an 8-year career that I just left, and applied to MFA programs in poetry. Definitely an unusual candidate, from what I understand. Not so nervous about being in a class of 23-year-olds, but pretty nervous about my chances of being accepted anywhere. On the bright side, if my concerns materialize and I don't get into a program, I do have some good transferable skills, so I can earn a decent paycheck.
  7. exvat

    MFA Creative Writing

    WOW! CONGRATULATIONS! I guess that interview went pretty well, after all
  8. Hey Ckoh, I wouldn't freak out just yet. Some schools accept in bursts and waves, sometimes with a week or two in between each. And anecdotally, my ex was accepted to Houston's MFA for fiction on April 6 a couple years ago, and not off the waitlist. So there's hope yet. Might be worth doubling down on some anti-freak activities, tho I say that as someone in exactly the same boat as you. 2r/0a/0w/2p... but getting late for the last two, and don't think they do waves or bursts! Best of luck!
  9. exvat

    Treat Yo Self

    Wow, I suppose a trip to Paris would certainly distract!
  10. Thanks for sharing, and best of luck to you too! Fortunately, my field (poetry writing) is something I can practice and be a part of outside of an academic track, but it's just WAY harder to gain vital connections, community, and support. So if I'm truly devoted to it, I can succeed--as so many other writers have before--without a degree. The work required is just much greater, the odds and time stacked against slightly more against me, and the demands on internal motivation/prioritization paramount. At this point, I'd vastly prefer the MFA track to slugging it out alone... buy I've done it for 6 years, so I at least know I'm capable of it.
  11. exvat

    Treat Yo Self

    That's one of my new culinary fantasies. Perhaps I'll realize that in a few weeks, if I go 0-for-4...
  12. I am slightly terrified that I will get a similar treatment from admissions boards. I left an 8-year career with a great path to growth and success, only to apply to grad programs in a completely unrelated field. Granted, I've been published in that field, devoted 6 years of pre-dawn hours to it, and shelled out a lot of money to gain experience and contacts in it. But I'm still worried that the powers that be will look at me and say, "I'm afraid that he's not seriously dedicated, and won't commit if we offer him a slot." To think this only stresses me out, accomplishes nothing, and really just ruins my mood and/or day. So I try not to think about it! Sorry to hear that...good luck to you!
  13. That sounds fantastic, so long as you genuinely derive joy from the solitary life. I've seriously considered moving to a small, rural town in someplace with seasons (not NorCal, where I am now), where I could write every morning, work somewhere I enjoy and that pays the bills during the day, and be a part of a small, insular community. Of course, I do have a girlfriend who I love and am devoted to making a life with, and who would probably veto such a plan... Perhaps I'll just stick to the aforementioned "Plan B" and move to NYC with her
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