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  1. https://www.hks.harvard.edu/sites/default/files/student financial services/files/LRAP Policies and Eligibility Guidelines_web.pdf
  2. Waitlisted
  3. From Matt on Twitter. @hksadmissions "Wow, opened the blog stats and a 139% increase in traffic . . ."
  4. Was that MPP/ID? They do come from separate offices
  5. Matt just put out the uni-ball pen tweet!
  6. Same here. It may have caused a flow of unnecessary/unwanted calls to financial aid counselors.
  7. 1pm has been the release time the last couple of years. Let's see what happens in an hour.
  8. Thanks for the note MPA_ID_COL. -- Back to my daily obligations until next week MPA_ID_COL -- https://www.mass.gov/files/2017-08/Bradford Application -- Fall 2017.pdf It says on pg 3 that the admissions answer will be given the week of march 12th. I am pretty sure it will be exactly the 14th.
  9. Yea, same here. Nothing above admissions/financial aid tabs
  10. MC/MPA
  11. Are you MC/MPA like me?
  12. Portal still the same. But I now have a counselor on My FAID, last name R. (Active).
  13. Someone had a CPL interview last week and was told by the interviewers that even though it was snowing that day, they had come to do the interview because they were told decisions were to be released early this week
  14. Tweet @hksadmissions seems like he is signing letters today!
  15. Things are moving right along--good sign!
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