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  1. HKS 2018

    Have you guys been getting very late replies from Some responses come within an hour. And sometimes no response at all. It’s annoying.
  2. HKS 2018

    Hey! Would you know how deferrals work? What is the timeline of appoval and if a deferral is rejected, admission to the current year still stands right?
  3. HKS 2018

    Does anyone know if the loan repayments at HKS is available to international students too- and whether it is a better choice than bank loans? Asking for a friend.
  4. HKS 2018

    I’m coming for this! See you all!
  5. HKS 2018

    This isn’t a salty post at all but I don’t know how they cannot do a rational analysis of the relevance of financial aid to offer acceptance. Someone on the forum earlier said every year HKS loses bright students to WWS because of releasing financial aid late, and they don’t want that. But how does preponing financial aid timeline make a difference if they are not serious about how no funding delegitimises the feeling of admission altogether? Even a simple cognitive perspective on this would reveal the same. For a school as meticulous as HKS, they really do fall behind on correlating aid with the class quality. If I attend the school, I’m going to raise this (humbly) with the admissions office. No funding for me either. Applying for external ones though. PS: I am browsing through the forum reading news of all those who received fellowships, and frantically liking all your posts because I’m super super happy for you all! Congrats @tropisk_winter @2018Hopeful and others I cant recall of the top of my memory as I type this. Will see you all shining there if I attend this year. ❤️
  6. HKS 2018

    Is anyone aware of the procedure involved/who to write to for a deferral of the MPP?
  7. HKS 2018

    Wow. Never heard of that. What course is this for? Also, congratulations I guess!
  8. HKS 2018

    Your financial advisor will contact you tomorrow
  9. HKS 2018

    Received results! I'm in
  10. HKS 2018

    Lol now that they know blog traffic has increased by 139% (as per last tweet) it’ll be a super shitty move to not release results today either
  11. HKS 2018

    Can I just say I’m super grateful Harvard isn’t releasing their results like WWS, informally & inducing concern in applicants who haven’t been contacted. Glad we’ll all get it at the same time, that’s how it should be. Sending out rejections is as important (even more, actually) than sending out admittance on time.
  12. HKS 2018

    Did you get some good news from them though? Syncing our sleep cycles with EST isn’t worth without.
  13. HKS 2018

    Waiting in Indian Standard Time sucks more. You’d understand.
  14. HKS 2018

    There are a lot of national scholarships for masters which have their deadlines in March. I understand the due process, but releasing results so late actually costs the candidates (especially rejected and waitlisted ones) many opportunities. Sorry for the rant. They should just feel accountable to this.
  15. HKS 2018

    If it doesn’t come today- good or bad I’ll actually be pissed. My patience ends yesterday. This is super anxiety inducing- and they know this because they acknowledged that traffic on the blog has increased by 35%.