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  1. I am!
  2. No - I'm feeling just as anxious about financial aid, because although it's exciting to get into HKS, there's NO way I can swing the whole bill. Although I'm not expecting anything, I'm still checking my email every 5 minutes!
  3. Is this for Sanford? If so, there is a list in the Admitted Students website of classes that people have taken in the past.
  4. It says in the letter that Financial Aid Decisions come out tomorrow, via our Financial Aid Advisor.
  5. Anybody else find it interesting that there is no post on the blog yet this morning? There is usually a post up by now on weekdays, right?
  6. He just tweeted to say the campus is closed tomorrow for weather. Hope that doesn't cause a delay!
  7. Goal achieved!
  8. Surely by "shortly" she might mean within the next week?
  9. Someone just posted in the "Results" section that they were accepted!
  10. I haven't heard any updates, but I'm hoping we'll hear back soon - looks like they've sent results around this time the last couple years.
  11. Ah yes, there are results from PhD for both HKS and the Gov Dept. Hopefully that's promising? Who knows.
  12. I think that's for Political Science (Department of Government), not Public Policy (HKS)?
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