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  1. Finishing up my MPP now! Been a crazy experience, but so glad I did it! Best of luck to ya'll! I sat where you were two years ago. :) Based on prior years, those sequential blog posts are pretty indicative of decisions! Please don't take my word for it though...don't need Matt trying to find out who I am. 😆 Btw, COVID may shut down classes after Spring Break (which starts next week for us), but I highly doubt it has an impact on the campus functions. The fact that Spring Break starts at the end of this week coupled with the Corona challenge though seems to indicate that ya'll s
  2. Good luck to you all! I remember being in this position last year. Right now I'm in the throes of my first semester finals and figured I'd stop by to remind myself why I decided to come here.
  3. Yup! I'll be applying to business school over the next few months...putting myself through another round of pain and suffering. Glutton for punishment! You basically have it correct. If accepted (Gods be good) I would more than likely start my MBA during the Fall semester of 2019. It also depends on the school, too. For instance, I called Wharton today and they have a rather interesting situation with HKS. They would probably require me to do my first year and first half of my third year there. I'd then finish my last semester at HKS. That's generally how it flows with all schools from w
  4. You may already know this, but you have to apply to the MPA/MBA program at the same time to do joint at Harvard. So now that I'm in at HKS, I can't apply to HBS this year. I could apply next year, but then I'd have to do the normal 2 year route. I didn't apply to HBS because I wanted to attend an MBA program at another institution (essentially I wanted another network), but I sorta regret it now that I know a bit more about the combination of schools. With the other MBA programs, that's the tactic I'll be using for sure. My standardized test scores weren't so great, but I have a demonstr
  5. Hi! I agree with buff_hamster on everything. I'll just add my perspective in regards to the first point. I'm about to enter HKS as an MPP student and frankly couldn't believe the amount of dualies (MPP(A)/MBA) there were. Half of the folks I met during the visit days were also pursuing their MBA...and a quarter of folks who weren't yet in that cohort were thinking about applying to pursue their MBA (like me!).
  6. Thank you, Yellina! Congratulations to you, by the way!
  7. Oops. That's right. $83k per year. Now, I have no idea how they disperse funds, as I'm just starting. I'll ask around though, because that'd be useful to know. :P
  8. Congratulations! Love seeing good things happen for great people.
  9. I'll jump in here, because I interviewed for a CPL Fellowship as well. It depends with CPL. Most offer a stipend, but not all. The levels of stipend also vary. HKS can add on top of that to give you a full ride (so a total of $83k instead of $65ishk) at their discretion, but after talking to many CPL Fellows they typically don't do that. I didn't receive CPL, but I did receive extra scholarship funds from the Presidential Scholarship pot. I have no idea how that system works other than it appears someone liked either my essays or interview well enough that they decided to forward me on t
  10. I don't know enough of your background to speak too authoritatively. I had a 144 Quant score and got into HKS with a very generous offer to boot. I have a pretty strong professional background though (with pretty extensive international experience as well) and it appears I was able to rock the essays and my admissions letter noted my strong recommendations too. It's possible to get in for sure and receive funding, but if you're not under pressure and have time to properly do the studying and can retake the test, I definitely would. I would have redone it on my end, but i just
  11. That's my story. I finished my Fulbright and decided to come back home and try to make an impact in my state. About 8 years of policy work later (with some international experience in between) I'm towards the upper end of the $70 - $100k range...in the U.S. South...doing the work I've always wanted to do. I've been able to do some really high level stuff and really put myself out there in ways I would never be able to do so in a D.C. or New York, but I'm definitely not some savant or anything. Just really went after what I wanted. The most important of advice to anyone though is work. Yo
  12. Matt posted that he'd just finished the last of them a few days ago. I received mine on Friday. I think it takes a while for him because I believe he personalizes each individual letter in ink with a little note.
  13. I did, thankfully! I'm in the States though. Wasn't a lot, but enough. I'm grateful!
  14. I think your GRE score more than makes up for the GPA and C in stats. I've also seen folks with lower GPAs get into some of the schools you listed. Given you've already taken stats, you're more so asking whether or not you should retake the class? A normal 101 stats course? No. I'd try to take a more difficult course...such as Econometrics 101 or a higher level stats course. If you have the time to study and are wanting to show the various AdComms that you have the ability, that would be more effective. Given it'd be just the one course, I think you can do it! I'd advise taking a gan
  15. You're right. Thanks for this comment. Gradcafe has been there for me throughout the years. It's helped me receive the Fulbright and get into my dream school on a full ride. I'll add to the thread now. Program Applied To: (MPA, MPP, IR, etc.) MPP Schools Applied To: Harvard Kennedy School Schools Admitted To: Harvard Kennedy School Undergraduate Institution: State School in the South Undergraduate GPA: 3.78 Last 60 hours of Undergraduate GPA (if applicable): 3.9 Undergraduate Major: International Studies GRE Quantitative Score: 144 (more on this in other) GRE Verbal Score: 158 GRE AW
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