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  1. I was admitted to the MPA/ID with a full tuition scholarship! It's taken a night's sleep (ok who am I kidding, a few minutes of sleep) and then some for this to sink in and feel real🤯😱 This group has been everything, especially this past week ❤️ You've all been amazingly passionate, witty, good humored and kind...and that's how I know each of you will do great regardless of where your degree is from. Nurse your wounds, but bounce back quick. I was rejected from a top program last week, so you never know what's waiting around the corner for you. I'll be posting my stats on the results page and details on the threads. Anyone reading this in future years pls hit me up with any questions-- I just got really lucky but I'll teach you what I learned from this grueling process anyway
  2. I just heard that one of my schools is offering students the option to defer by one semester i.e. start Spring 2021. Obviously this would involve a lot of administrative changes for schools, but personally is a great option. Wondering if you guys are hearing this too?
  3. Anyone had success negotiating aid? Is there a form or do you just write to them?
  4. Rinse and repeat today, y'all with me? 😬
  5. In with 10k scholarship for year 1, quite unexpected! Congratulations to the others here
  6. Hahahahha congratulations, what a night!
  7. Yep, thanks! Obviously was anxious and trying to slueth out their notification process lol. I heard back too, and I'm in for MSPPM-DA
  8. Congratulations! I'm still waiting to hear back 😕 Do you mind sharing by when all your materials got in?
  9. I applied to the Dec deadline and was notified mid-Jan by email (to check the portal). No phone calls. My guess is that's only for the early bird rounds but haven't checked previous years
  10. Finally some good news on this thread! Thrilled for you, good luck for the interview
  11. Did anyone here attend the admitted students event? I live outside the USA and couldn't attend, but would love to know what went down and what your experience was like. I'm in the MS-CAPP but I guess many sessions were common?
  12. It's not over till it's over!
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