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  1. I think if you have accepted an offer and they have acknowledged it, then there is very little chance of getting back. You should be more concerned about travelling to US, if you not in the US now. I have also got admission into an PhD program, my school has sent my I20 as well. My country is locked down for at least next 15 days which may increase depending on the situation. But the US embassy is closed down in my country to ensure social distancing and follow local government law until further notice. So, I am more worried what will happen if I cannot travel. They might take back the of
  2. 1. None knows! We can only hope everything will be at least start to get back to normal in the next 45-60 days. Worst case scenario, we will be in a situation to think about survive only. Hope we won't be there. 2. I am not sure about it. I am to join a PhD program. I can do the courses online but it won't help me much from my home. I am not acquainted with the US education system, there is a high chance I mess up everything. There is less chance I get help from others in distance learning. And most importantly, I won't be able to attend my lab rotations which are more important because t
  3. Almost similar situation here. What makes difficult for me is, I have very difficult career options if I cannot start my graduate studies this fall. The socio-economic system of my country is not much helpful for academic career unless you have a foreign PhD. I have invested couple of years from my life and I will find difficult to find any other job here. This can be the biggest turning point of my life.
  4. Which schools have mentioned about their future plans? Can you please share some?
  5. Being an international student, I am worried about the admission. Is there any chance a school a may cancel admission in the worst case scenario?
  6. I am also worried about this! I got admission in one of my top choice schools, got awarded with a fellowship but I don't what happens in the next. My country has banned flights to many countries and there is no direct flights to US from here. Also not sure how US govt. will react about international students. I am really worried about the whole situation!
  7. I am also an international student got acceptance for an fall 20 PhD program. I am really worried if I will be able to fly or nor. There is no direct flight from my country and there are travel bans in many countries. I am afraid if they cancel the admission and funding.
  8. There are officially only 3 COVID-19 patients in my country, still I am worried. Travel bans have been introduced and there is no direct flight from my country to USA. So I have to use one or more transits and most of the transit hubs are affected by COVID-19. I am really afraid one day I shall get an email saying that they are sorry to cancel my admission and funding due to the virus situation.
  9. Travel bans are being imposed and consulates are being closed down in many countries. So, what's going to happen to international students? Are their admission and/or funding going to be cancelled if things don't get better? What can happen in worst case scenario? I am very anxious about the situation.
  10. Nearly all the international students take their decisions without even stepping at the school. They have been doing this for years. I know the situation is totally different. You can still email your potential PIs, contact the current and ex-students of the PI.
  11. Hi, I am received an offer for PhD in Bioengineering from UMD College Park. Can anyone give me some insight about the program? I know the basic things from website. I wanted to know if someone has attended the program. I would like to know about how the classes are, how difficult the exams are etc. Also, it would be great to know about life at College Park, specially for an international student. Thanks!
  12. Hi, I am thinking to accept an offer from UMD, College Park. I just wanted to know some features of College Park. Housing, cost of living, transportation etc. Thanks!
  13. I have applied 7 schools for PhD program, got replies from 3 of them (1 rejection, 2 MS). However, I have not heard anything from 4 schools (MSE- University of Delaware, University of Central Florida, Iowa State and BME- Drexel). The mighty 15th April is only a few days away. Do I have any chance? Or should I expect rejection from those? I am really very worried.
  14. Yeah, I am also eagerly waiting to take a break from the application process, it's very tiring. I am actually looking for at least 1 more school, but most of the deadlines are over and I am not not sure which one I should among the rest of the schools. Totally confused. Can you help me with some specific schools? Good to hear about Delaware! Good luck.
  15. Hello, I have applied to the following programs for PhD UC Berkeley (MSE) Carnegie Mellon University (BME) Iowa State University (MSE) University of Delaware (MSE) Drexel University (BME) University of Central Florida (MSE) University of Massachusetts - Amherst (ChE) What do you think about my chances in these schools? Should I apply to few more schools? Here is my brief profile B.Sc. in Materials and Metallurgical Engineering (3.61/4.0, Bangladesh Uni. of Eng. and Tech.) GRE: 315 (Quant 165, Verbal 150, AWA 3.5) IELTS:
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