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  1. I have applied 7 schools for PhD program, got replies from 3 of them (1 rejection, 2 MS). However, I have not heard anything from 4 schools (MSE- University of Delaware, University of Central Florida, Iowa State and BME- Drexel). The mighty 15th April is only a few days away. Do I have any chance? Or should I expect rejection from those? I am really very worried.
  2. Yeah, I am also eagerly waiting to take a break from the application process, it's very tiring. I am actually looking for at least 1 more school, but most of the deadlines are over and I am not not sure which one I should among the rest of the schools. Totally confused. Can you help me with some specific schools? Good to hear about Delaware! Good luck.
  3. Hello, I have applied to the following programs for PhD UC Berkeley (MSE) Carnegie Mellon University (BME) Iowa State University (MSE) University of Delaware (MSE) Drexel University (BME) University of Central Florida (MSE) University of Massachusetts - Amherst (ChE) What do you think about my chances in these schools? Should I apply to few more schools? Here is my brief profile B.Sc. in Materials and Metallurgical Engineering (3.61/4.0, Bangladesh Uni. of Eng. and Tech.) GRE: 315 (Quant 165, Verbal 150, AWA 3.5) IELTS: 8 (Reading 9, Listening 7.5, Speaking 7.5, Writing 7) Research Experience: Working as a RA from December 2017 Publications: 1 published (Materials Research Express, IOP), 1 submitted
  4. @Moods Thanks a lot for the suggestions! I will definitely look into the universities you have mentioned.
  5. @Moods Thank you very much for your reply. I am also looking for the biomaterials in tissue engineering. Thanks for this to point out, I didn't take this with much importance. I saw your university choices, but I think most of these are out of my league. U-Michigan, Boston, CalTech, Northwestern are in the top 10 or 15 at most I guess, I don't think my profile is not good for those unis. I am looking for profs and mailed few of them. Let's see what happens. And good luck with your admission.
  6. Hello, Please evaluate my profile below and suggest some suitable universities for me. Any kind of suggestion will be welcomed. Please keep in mind that full fund is necessary for me. Without fund and RA/TAship I cannot continue my study. Undergraduate: Materials and Metallurgical Engineering. CGPA: 3.61/4.00 (Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology) GRE: Quant: 162 Verbal: 146 AWA: 4.0 IELTS: Reading: 9 Listening: 7.5 Writing: 7 Speaking: 7.5 Publications: 1 published, 1 under review (both are in peer-reviewed International journal) Research Experience: Working as a research assistant since December 2017. I am supposed to work till next May. So there is possibility of 1/2 more publications. Let me know if you need any more information. Thanks in advance.
  7. Hello, I have received my undergraduate degree in Materials and Metallurgical Engineering. However, currently I am working as a Research Assistant in the Biomedical Engineering department, working on biomaterials. I have seen both MSE and BME departments work on biomaterials in most of the universities. Is it possible for me to get admitted if I apply to Biomedical Engineering for PhD? Or should I stick to MSE and look for groups who work with biomaterials?
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